10 Reasons We Can’t Wait for MLB Opening Day

Just buy me some peanuts and Cracker Jacks…NOW!

1. Finding a fellow fan that’s even more excited about the game than you are. Which you didn’t think was possible.

2. Singing one of the best songs of all time with thousands of the closest friends you’ve never met.

3. They’re not gluten-free but they’re still pretty great.

4. The nervous tension you feel when your favorite player steals a base. 

5. The joy of finally snagging a stray foul ball. 

6. The fan cam bringing you gems like this. Need we say more?

7. The ceremonial opening pitch. No matter how ridiculous it can be.

8. Let’s face it. Booing the ump when he makes a bad call is probably half the fun of the game.

9. Seeing your team hit a home run.

10. Celebrating a well deserved win in the stands.

Baseball season. We’re waiting on you. Please hurry.