PT Solutions

14 Stages of Running The PT Solutions Allatoona Triathlon

1) Your alarm is going off and then you remember, “TODAY. IS. THE. DAY!”

2) It’s time to grab your gear, clothes, water, sunscreen, snacks, and confidence.

3) While warming up it’s hard not to be nervous.

4) But at least you have enough sunscreen for the entire state of Georgia.

5) Waiting at the start, you can’t help sizing up the competition.

6) The horn sounds. Let’s do this!

7) You feel great coming out of the swim, now it’s time to bike!

8) What are these hills?

9) With your bike back on the rack and running shoes on, you head out on the run course.

10) The finish line is in sight, time to sprint it out!

11) Yes! You did it! All of the hard work and training has paid off.

12) Not only did you meet your race goals, but you also helped raise money and awareness for Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research!

13) As the adrenaline starts to wear off, your arms and legs begin to feel a bit like jelly.

14) Guess it’s time to rest and start prepping for the next race. Take time to recover, though, to be injury free!