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4 Ways to get Active in Montgomery


One of the key factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is staying physically active, but “staying active” can mean much more than just another trip to the gym. Each month we are featuring ways to get active while still having fun in a different PT Solutions community. Follow along and commit to making 2017 a year filled with fun, active adventure!

Montgomery, the capital of Alabama, is located in the Gulf Coastal Plain – making it a perfect area for those who love to get active in the great outdoors. PT Solutions currently serves the Southern region of the United States with three Montgomery locations and five locations across the state. Whether you’re a local or just visiting for a weekend, try not to miss these four great ways to get active in Montgomery, Alabama!

Find fun in nature

There are plenty of parks, trails, and nature area in the Montgomery area to chose from! One popular location for active people is Lagoon Park Trail. The park covers approximately 432 acres, where you will find over five miles of biking and walking trails. Click here to find more of Montgomery’s parks, trails, and nature areas.

Visit the Zoo

Taking a trip to the Montgomery Zoo might not be the first thing that pops into your mind when thinking about getting active but you may be surprised by how many steps it takes to walk the entire zoo with the family – especially if when you’re chasing the little ones around!

Rent a bike

Montgomery offers a ton of trails and pathways perfect for a cycling adventure! Bell Road Cycle can help you find the perfect fit as well as provide tune-ups and repairs. Montgomery Multisport can push you to the next level with inspiring coaching and gear. Their race management division now manages numerous multisport events and races including the Montgomery Half Marathon, Half Marathon and 5K.

Ride the river

Stand-up paddleboarding is a fitness trend that has swept the world. This activity originated in Hawaii, where it’s called hoe he’e nalu. You can try stand-up paddleboarding on the Alabama River, just steps away from Downtown Montgomery, AL by renting from SUP Rentals!