4 Ways To Get Active In Kansas City

Kansas City


One of the key factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is staying physically active, but “staying active” can mean much more than just another trip to the gym. Each month we are featuring ways to get active while still having fun in a different PT Solutions community. Follow along and commit to making 2017 a year filled with fun, active adventure!

PT Solutions is excited to be a new resident in the Kansas City, Missouri community! Kansas City sits on Missouri’s western edge – known for its barbecue, jazz heritage and fountains. It holds many beautiful parks, activities, trails, and opportunities to maintain a healthy lifestyle and keep yourself in shape away from injuries. Whether you’re a local or just visiting for a weekend, try not to miss these four great ways to get active!

Play a Round of Disc Golf

The Kessler Park Disc Golf Course is nestled in moderately hilly terrain and has a great view of the city. Featuring a mix of long open shots and technical woods, this course will take its toll on both your body and your score so bring water and some good footwear!

Ride the Trails

Swope Park Mountain Bike Trail is one of the best biking trails in the Kansas City area! This exquisitely built 13.5-mile trail covers rocky and rooty sections along the hillside of Swope Park. Need a bike? Head to Epic Bike and Sport for a great tune-up and shop around for gear you’ll need for your next adventure.

Hit the Treetops

Ape Treetop Adventure in Swope Park is more than just a zip line canopy tour. This adrenaline-pumping outdoor adventure course features five sections of obstacles, each leading you higher in the forest canopy!

Visit the Local Zoo

Regular cardio, at any speed, can help promote a healthy lifestyle. Home of animals and activities that will delight the entire family, The Kansas City Zoo is an excellent place get your steps in!