5 Active Ideas for Valentine’s Day


Staying fit and healthy with your Valentine is one of the most loving gifts you can give them. Being fit means that you will be able to maximize your time spent together for years to come. So why not plan an active treat for Valentine’s Day? To help you get creative in planning for Valentine’s Day, here are five great active ways you can spend quality time with you loved one.

1. A Bike Ride for Two
Whether you have a bicycle built for two or two bicycles built for one, there really isn’t much that can compare with the feel of an early morning ride outdoors with the wind in your faces. If the weather permits you can even bike to a scenic picnic spot and enjoy even more time outdoors together.

2. Hit the Slopes
If you live in a snowy region, skiing is another great activity to do with your Valentine. If you’re new to the sport, take a lesson together at the nearest lodge. Many of these facilities also have great dining options and even spas that can offer a relaxing end to a long day of skiing.

3. Ice Skating
Most cities still have seasonal ice-skating rinks open in February. This is both a festive and fun way to spend the day moving with your partner. After you spend some time on the ice, head indoors for a cup of hot chocolate by the fire!

4. Join a Fun Run
Look for a charitable fun run in your neighborhood and run together as a team. Often working together for a good cause can be one of the best experience a couple shares!

5. Take a Hike
It might seem simple, but taking your partner on a nice hike is a great way to spend the day together. Depending on your preference, you can make this as strenuous or mild as you like. If you can, identify a trail that leads to scenic overlook or waterfall for an added dose of romance.

If these ideas don’t fit your idea of fun, take a look at your local paper for special physical activities planned for Valentine’s Day weekend. Most communities have at least one local gathering to spark some warmth and connection with your neighbors.

In whatever you do, take extra care to have an injury and pain free activity. Visit your local PT Solutions clinic in Alabama or anywhere near you to learn more.

Have an active Valentine’s Day to keep your heart pumping!