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5 Ways to Get Active in Atlanta

 One of the key factors in maintaining a healthy lifestyle is staying physically active, but “staying active” can mean much more than just another trip to the gym. Each month we will be featuring five ways to get active while still having fun in a different PT Solutions community. Follow along and commit to making 2017 a year filled with fun, active adventure!

Atlanta and its bustling community provide a wide range of activities that’ll make it easy for you to get active this year. The city offers fun indoor and outdoor activities that can be enjoyed with friends and family, or as solo adventures.

Atlanta Beltline

Whether you want to ride a bike or take your dog out for a walk, the Atlanta Beltline in Georgia is the perfect 33-mile trail for you to get your blood flowing and has entry points all around the city. There are also tons of shops and public art installations along the way giving you plenty of places to stop and take a break! This pedestrian friendly environment also connects to Atlanta’s Piedmont Park, another great spot in the heart of the city to get active with friends and family.

Centennial Olympic Park

This downtown Atlanta park is an urban oasis that offers an abundance of activities and things to do that’ll help you and your loved ones stay active. Take a stroll or run throughout the park and chances are you’ll come across some type of event related to music, food, or history. You can also cool off by hanging around the Fountain of Rings, which is the world’s largest interactive fountain to incorporate the Olympic Rings symbol. 

Visit a State Park

Atlanta is filled with beautiful state parks all across the greater metro area. Tallulah Gorge, Sweetwater Creek Park, and Panola Mountain State Park are just a few of the many great options. From hidden waterfalls to beautiful walking trails, these outdoor havens offer visitors a great way to leave the hustle and bustle of the city without traveling too far.

Explore Indoors

Atlanta provides a variety of attractions you can enjoy on days where weather is less than pleasant. Make time to visit attractions such as the Georgia Aquarium, High Museum of Art, or World of Coca-Cola to keep you entertained while walking around. Bring family or friends along and make sure to stay on your feet as you explore everything each exciting location has to offer.

Sign Up for a 5k

Participating in a local 5k or run is a great way to stay active while getting to know other members of the community. Set a goal for yourself to train for and participate in a fun run that benefits a great cause, such as the PT Solutions Cupid Chase 5k. Running in this race will benefit the Rally Foundation for Childhood Cancer Research and is also a great motivation to make running a regular habit. For tips on how to prepare for a 5k and be injury-free, click here.

The city of Atlanta offers countless ways for you to get and stay active, and we hope this list gives you inspiration to start exploring. Go out and adventure alone or bring your family and friends to tag along. Whatever the location or activity, be sure to get yourself up and moving!