Physical Therapy New Orleans

If you find yourself suffering from pain and discomfort or have noticed a difficulty performing daily functions due to injury, PT Solutions can help. Request an appointment online and visit any one of our New Orleans area clinic locations below:

PT Solutions New Orleans: More Than Just Physical Therapy

PT Solutions is proud to serve the New Orleans area as one of the city’s leading physical therapy providers. Our physical therapists provide advanced clinical treatment using the latest evidence-based research to help our patients remain in motion throughout all phases of injury and recovery. While PT Solutions currently serves the state of Louisiana with 10 locations in the greater New Orleans area, we have worked diligently over the past several years to expand as a nationwide provider with more than 200 locations across 20 different states. We partner with local universities, sponsor community events, and provide our services beyond the walls of our clinics at local races and triathlons.  This enables PT Solutions to be a part of the many communities where we serve.

The single most important aspect that sets PT Solutions apart from other physical therapy providers in the area is our therapists. Over 75 percent of our outpatient therapists are lifelong New Orleanians. As a result, our therapists have unique perspectives and shared experiences with our patients as they travel a parallel path from injury to independence together. Our dedication to one-on-one care bridges the gap between patients hurting and patients healing.  Our residency-trained and orthopedically certified physical therapists provide the highest level of technical skill in our clinics. All of our patients walk through our doors with expectations for themselves and for their care, and it is our mission to exceed these expectations everyday.

Sports Partnerships

For many of our physical therapists and athletic trainers, one of the most rewarding aspects of their career is to be a part of the sports community around them. In New Orleans, PT Solutions extends this training beyond the ordinary athlete. PT Solutions is proud to partner with the Special Olympics Louisiana to provide sports training in a variety of Olympic-type sports for all children and adults with intellectual disabilities. Most recently, PT Solutions athletic trainers and physical therapists volunteered their time at the 2016 Louisiana Special Olympics Fall Classic where over 400 qualifying local athletes competed in softball, horseshoes, and aquatics events.

Special Olympics Louisiana serves the state by promoting the understanding, acceptance, and inclusion between people with and without intellectual disabilities. Special Olympics Louisiana offers year-round programs for 14,600 children and adults with intellectual disabilities from age two to adulthood. With the help of 15,000 volunteers, including volunteers from PT Solutions, Special Olympics Louisiana provides health, education, leadership, family, training, and sports programs for families throughout the state.

Physical Therapy Extends Beyond Athletics

When people hear the words “physical therapy,” many times their minds turn to sports and fitness professionals. While this is true, physical therapy also touches the lives of young children who aren’t yet ready to take the field. With the help of the PT Solutions pediatric rehabilitation program, children and young adults with cognitive impairments are able to work with experienced pediatric therapists in a multitude of ways. PT Solutions offers physical therapy, occupational therapy, and speech-language services, making it a leading practice with a multi-disciplinary approach to pediatric therapy.

To better serve our patients, our pediatric clinic is currently undergoing expansion to offer a larger sensory gym in addition to our current services. PT Solutions pediatric therapists work in tandem with the treating physicians at the Tulane Lakeside Hospital as well as the rising doctors at the Tulane University Medical School. Medical residents and fourth year medical students participating in advanced pediatric electives spend time at our clinic to learn more about our leading therapeutic services.  With this partnership, PT Solutions remains committed to continuing education beyond the classroom.

Education in the Community

Continuing education is crucial to the physical therapy industry. Our clinical experts remain up-to-date on the latest physical therapy research and sports medicine. We empower them to become leading voices within the physical therapy community. In doing so, many of our clinical experts have written articles and studies on proper treatment for injuries sustained during sports training and performance such as low back pain, tennis elbow, and spinal stenosis.

Giving back to academia is one of our goals at PT Solutions, as our successes are firmly rooted in our physical therapy education. To help reach this goal, our sports medicine clinicians are encouraged to participate in student research projects and assist in teaching orthopedic and neuroscience classes with our partnerships with Tulane University and the LSU Health Sciences Center. We also take education to the masses by educating the New Orleans community in outreach efforts at local health fairs. PT Solutions staff members meet with local residents at community health fairs to educate both professional athletes and weekend warriors alike about injury treatment and prevention.  In addition to presenting at health fairs, PT Solutions also works with the Tulane Center for Autism and Related Disorders (TCARD) by delivering workshops specific to sensory processing for Louisiana residents living on the autism spectrum and their caretakers.

Another example of PT Solutions’ commitment to education is the development of the PT Solutions’ Concussion Centers. We have opened Concussion Centers across the country with dedicated dark rooms for patient comfort during treatment. We also partner with the Concussion Legacy Foundation, a national leader in the study, treatment, and prevention of the effects of brain trauma in athletes. It is through these partnerships that we able to extend our services beyond our clinic walls, truly becoming a part of the Louisiana community.

What can PT Solutions Do For You?

PT Solutions physical therapists combine their years of expertise with the latest in advanced clinical treatment to provide the best care possible for their patients. Our clinical experts are skilled in treatment for a multitude of medical conditions and injuries. Here are some services PT Solutions can offer:

  • Speech Therapy, designed to assess and treat speech and language disorders, along with swallowing dysfunctions.
  • Occupational Therapy, designed to help individuals with physical or mental limitations maintain independence within their daily activities.
  • Pediatric rehabilitation services, family-focused interventions that aim to remediate or develop the necessary skills to help a child succeed in their daily activities.
  • Manual Therapy, a treatment which safely and effectively applies joint manipulation, joint mobilization, soft tissue manipulation, or focused strengthening techniques.
  • Therapeutic exercise programs designed to address pain and limitations with strengthening techniques to decrease the likelihood of future injury.
  • Dry needling, which uses a thin filiform needle for stimulating myofascial trigger points and homeostatic points. This is used in combination with exercise and manual therapy to treat many conditions that cause pain and dysfunction.
  • Aquatic Therapy, in which water offers buoyancy to decrease joint forces while a heated pool works to improve joint and tissue mobility.