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Alexandra Mangino


Staff Occupational Therapist

Alexandra (Allie) Mangino has been a registered and licensed occupational therapist since March 2021 and with the Totowa clinic since its opening. Allie completed a 5 year program with the University of Delaware and Thomas Jefferson University to receive her bachelors in health science and masters of science in occupational therapy respectively. Allie takes a client-centered approach when treating to make sure the client is involved in all steps of treatment and targeting what they want to accomplish in the scope of occupational therapy. She treats various conditions and illnesses including but not limited to strokes, MS, Parkinson’s Disease, general muscle weakness, muscle sprains/strains, fractures, and more, however Allie’s passion lies with neurological conditions. Allie will become a certified stroke rehab specialist (CSRS) in the very near future.

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