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Beverly Weithman


Physical Therapist

Beverly graduated in 2008 from West Liberty State University with a double major in Biology and Exercise Science. While working as a personal trainer after her undergraduate studies, Beverly attained her Associate degree in Massage Therapy from Columbus State Community College. Continuing her education, she was accepted into Ohio University’s Doctorate in Physical Therapy program in 2011 and graduated in 2014. Upon receiving her Doctorate degree, Beverly traveled across the country to California to start her career as a physical therapist. Within a year of practicing as a clinician, it became clear that she wanted to help bridge the gap between research and clinical practice. She then moved to Los Angeles, California and was accepted into The University of Southern California’s Master’s in Biokinesiology program and graduated in May 2020 after two years of intensive research-based study. Working in a number of clinics, Beverly has been exposed to and treated a variety of diagnoses from guiding infants through their motor developmental stages, to eliminating low back pain in geriatric patients ready to return to outdoor work or sports, and guiding athletes such as dancers, hockey players, runners, and wrestlers recovery for return to sport.

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