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Colleen MacDonald

Integration Team - Front Office Lead

Colleen MacDonald serves PT Solutions as a Front Office Lead on the Integration Team. After joining the practice via acquisition in 2016, Colleen realized her passion for excellence in customer service and a desire to be a part of patient care through physical therapy as a Patient Services Coordinator. As a Senior PSC, she assisted others to elevate their ability to serve patients through training, mentoring and support. She currently supports new teams as they join the practice through new hospital partnerships or private acquisitions. Serving these teams through their transition, training them on new processes, and helping to demonstrate and instill the PT Solutions culture allows Colleen to share her passion and help support the growth of our team across the country. She also continues to support our current teams by mentoring and presenting whenever possible.

Colleen lives in Woodstock, GA making it easy to head to the mountains to bike and enjoy nature. She also enjoys exploring new places, working out, and spending time with family, especially her wonderfully creative daughter.