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Grace Prete


Clinic Director

Grace Prete received her Exercise Science Bachelor’s degree and Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from Carroll University. During this time, she interned at five orthopedic physical therapy locations before working at PT Solutions of Romeoville. Since graduating, she has completed a comprehensive orthopedic mentorship program covering a multitude of diagnoses across the lifespan. She has also gone on to receive her LSVT Big Specialization to improve mobility and decrease falls in those suffering from Parkinson’s Disease. She also received her Women’s Health Specialization to treat pelvic health dysfunction. She aims to provide the highest quality of care through a holistic approach focused on improving pain, function, and overall health. In addition, she delivers a variety of hand on techniques and specific exercises to improve pain and function. In Grace’s free time, she enjoys to sing, play the guitar, and rollerblade.

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