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Marnie Cranmer


Physical Therapist

Marnie Cranmer is a physical therapist in the Hendersonville area, with both doctoral and undergraduate degrees from the University of Florida, as well as completion of an intensive post-doctoral residency in orthopedics. Marnie is a competitive powerlifter and has a passion for strength training. She has experience treating a variety of strength athletes including powerlifters, weightlifters, and CrossFit athletes. Marnie has conducted research on the effects of resistance training specifically in older adults, and has a passion for helping hard-working people of all ages to achieve and surpass their goals. Marnie is a board-certified Orthopedic Clinical Specialist, certified in trigger point dry needling, and has a passion for working with retirees in Hendersonville looking to maintain an active lifestyle. Additionally, she has experience in treating dizziness, vertigo, and other vestibular disorders. She is passionate about teaching and mentoring other physical therapists, traveling around the country as a senior instructor of continuing education courses and elevating the quality of care of the profession.
Marnie lives in Fletcher, NC with her Goldendoodle, Sunny. She enjoys exercising, playing guitar, and taking her dog literally everywhere with her. 

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