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Nicholas Wantroba


Physical Therapist

Nicholas Wantroba grew up in Bartlett, Illinois, and has lived in the Chicago area for most of his life. Growing up, he was heavily involved in sports including: lacrosse, track and field, basketball, baseball, rowing, football, and soccer, and he spent his summers working as a lifeguard at his community pool. His exposure to human movement through sports, and his love for helping patrons that visited the pool, led him to pursue athletic training and physical therapy as a profession. He was enamored with learning how the human body functions and wanted to continue to help others as he pursued his future career.

While pursuing his degree at Marquette University, he was exposed to on-field concussion management and return-to-play protocols during his clinicals with the university’s sports teams. He filled his electives with courses/clinicals that would allow him to further his interest in concussion and vestibular aspects.

Nicholas began his career as an athletic trainer in various settings in Milwaukee and across the Chicagoland area while finishing physical therapy school. Once licensed as a physical therapist, he continued his work as an athletic trainer in addition to working in the general orthopedic physical therapy setting.

Nicholas strongly believes in the hallmark of his Marquette education: “Cura Personalis,” Latin for “Care for the Whole Person.”

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