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Sarah Dungy


Clinic Director

Sarah Gerichs is the Clinic Director at PT Solutions of Marietta, GA in West Cobb County. She graduated with her Bachelor’s in Exercise Science and followed by her Doctorate in Physical Therapy from the University of Kentucky (UK). Sarah worked as a student athletic trainer with the UK women’s basketball and football teams, which further increased her drive toward becoming a physical therapist.

Since beginning her career at PT Solutions, she has completed PT Solutions Orthopaedic Residency Program, and become a Board-certified Orthopaedic Specialist. She serves as a clinical instructor to student physical therapists and a mentor to students of the residency program. Growing up a gymnast, Sarah enjoys being involved at the Gymnastics Academy of Atlanta (GAA) to help keep athletes healthy and strong. Her favorite joints to treat are shoulders and ankles.

Outside of the clinic, Sarah enjoys traveling, crafting, and CrossFit at Warrior Pride Fitness!

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