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Tye Marr


Senior Residency Faculty & Clinical Specialist

Tye is a physical therapist and one of the longest tenured team members at PT Solutions. Originally from Guymon, Oklahoma, he is a graduate of University of Oklahoma Health Sciences Center with a Bachelor’s in Physical Therapy. Since graduation, Tye has worked in and managed multiple orthopedic and sports medicine physical therapy practices in Alabama and Georgia. Tye has served as hospital program director, clinic director, and industrial rehabilitation director.
Tye has expertise in care of orthopedic problems including neck and back pain, foot and ankle management as well as upper extremity injuries. Through Tye’s clinical experience and education, he has achieved successful outcomes for patients living with temporomandibular joint disorder along with balance and dizziness problems. He has worked in development of ergonomic and work place safety programs for industries in the Atlanta area. Tye is a member of the American Physical Therapy Association and is an Orthopedic section member.  
Working with local sports teams and young athletes as well as providing training and education for injury prevention, Tye continues to serve the community through special projects.  He recently completed a workplace stretching and conditioning program DVD for Southern Company.  In addition to local work, Tye has traveled internationally as an educator in sports rehabilitation recently lecturing in Beijing, China with fifty sports medicine physicians.
Tye lives in Kennesaw with his wife Angela and their daughter and enjoys running as well as playing golf and guitar. 

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