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Vrunda Takalkar


Physical Therapist

Vrunda completed her primary Physical Therapy training at the University of Pune in India. After practicing there for a couple of years, she moved to the United States, became a licensed physical therapist in the United States, and also completed a doctorate in physical therapy from the University of Montana.

Vrunda delivers high-quality physical therapy in diverse settings, including long-term acute care centers, inpatient rehab centers in hospitals, and the outpatient setting. She is one of the very few physical therapists in Metro Atlanta with expertise in internal pelvic rehab therapy. She is diligently working on certification as a pelvic rehab practitioner for men’s and women’s pelvic health.

Well-liked for her compassion towards patients, she delivers a thorough and holistic approach to physical therapy. She is well versed in treating various conditions, including pelvic pain, painful sitting, urogynecology, ob-gyn conditions, and genitourinary oncologic conditions for men and women.

She has been recognized as a top clinician in patient satisfaction and outcomes. She is passionate about spreading awareness about pelvic rehab. At the national level, Vrunda is engaged with the American Physical Therapy Association (APTA) and is an active member of APTA pelvic health. Along with her physician husband, she is involved in the Georgia Association of Physicians of Indian Origin (GAPI) at the state level.

In her free time, she enjoys spending time with her family (including her dog), cooking, gardening, and exploring new places.

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