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About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Destin

PT Solutions OA Destin is dedicated to creating a personalized plan of care that will help you achieve your wellness goals. Our clinic provides a warm and friendly atmosphere that is sure to keep you motivated during your treatments. From the moment you step inside, you will be greeted by our professional and courteous team who are committed to guiding you through your physical therapy journey. Our experienced clinicians cater to a broad range of age groups and conditions, and our central location ensures easy access for all residents of the Destin community.

Destin Physical Therapy

Experience the PT Solutions difference when you visit our clinic in Destin, located right off Emerald Parkway across from Emerald Bay Golf Club. We offer a Destin Physical Therapy clinic centrally located for Destin community members to receive quality treatment and care when they need it most. As soon as you enter, you will notice a warm and engaging atmosphere where patients feel comfortable engaging in their treatment. Our Destin physical therapists at PT Solutions create a family-friendly atmosphere and provide individualized attention and treatment for each person. Our friendly and professional staff will support you on your physical therapy journey. At PT Solutions in Destin, our physical therapists utilize an innovative approach to providing quality, comprehensive physical therapy and additional specialty services that support your health and well-being.

Physical Therapy for Everyone

Visit a physical therapist near you to help improve your strength and mobility impacted by an injury, surgery, or other health condition. We provide a wide range of services for physical therapy in Destin that help people of all ages recover from car accident injuries and sports injuries, prepare for surgery, rehabilitate after surgery, and prevent future injuries or issues from reoccurring. When you work with a physical therapist at PT Solutions, you will receive a personalized plan of treatment that addresses your specific symptoms and needs. We treat patients of all ages and recognize how different stages of development and life experiences can impact your needs for recovery. We will support you from your initial diagnosis through your rehabilitation and recovery to ensure you have everything you need to get back to doing what you love most. We offer both short-term and long-term treatment plans depending on your needs and always put your health and well-being first.

Injury Recovery at PT Solutions

Recover from an injury and rehabilitate with a physical therapist in Destin at PT Solutions. Whether you suffered a whiplash injury during a car accident or are dealing with frozen shoulder that’s keeping you from your golf game, our Destin physical therapists are here to help. Visit PT Solutions after a sudden injury, where our physical therapists will conduct a physical exam and evaluate how the injury may impact your movement, flexibility, and performance. A diagnosis and prognosis will help inform your individualized plan for treatment and recovery. Our physical therapists develop both short-term and long-term goals and benchmarks to help gauge your progress. Destin physical therapy at PT Solutions will always be rooted in evidence-based treatment approaches, and we will walk you through what to expect and how you can take an active role in your recovery.

Destin Rehabilitation and Physical Therapy

Rehabilitation with your physical therapist after an injury can provide you with an effective pain management solution that reduces your need for prescription pain medications or surgical intervention. Recover from an injury or trauma with a physical therapist to experience lasting relief from musculoskeletal injuries like fractures, sprains, or dislocations. Your physical therapist will help you stretch tight muscles and joints to improve flexibility and function in these areas. Physical therapy will help you restore your range of motion that may have been impacted by the recent injury. Stiffness and tightness can reduce function in the injured area, but a physical therapist can identify effective treatment techniques that will help support rehabilitation. Exercises will also help improve your strength, especially if an injury has restricted your mobility and caused your muscles to weaken. When you work with a physical therapist after an injury, you may even improve your strength and range of motion even better than where you were before the initial injury occurred.

PT Solutions Before & After Surgery

Visit PT Solutions for physical therapy in Destin, FL, both before and after surgery. One of the best ways to ensure a successful surgical outcome is to engage in physical therapy before you even go under the knife. Physical therapy before surgery is sometimes referred to as prehab, which allows you an opportunity to improve your strength and mobility going into the surgery, so your body is better equipped to handle the effects. Work with a physical therapist before surgery and teach your muscles to remember certain movements that your physical therapist will have you engage in after the surgery. Certain physical therapy stretches and exercises can help support your rehabilitation process before and after surgery. You can also improve your confidence in your body’s abilities when you go through physical therapy before surgery. Learn more about how prehab can benefit you when at PT Solutions of Destin.

Sports Therapy at PT Solutions

You don’t have to suffer an injury or go through surgery to reap the benefits of physical therapy. In fact, PT Solutions physical therapists work with athletes of all ages and skill levels to improve their performance. Sports therapy at PT Solutions of Destin can help you recover from a sports-related injury or learn proper techniques to help prevent injuries. Many sports require repetitive movements that can put stress and pressure on your whole body. A physical therapist can help you learn effective techniques to reduce your risk and enhance your performance. From golf swing analysis to concussion care, our physical therapists will help you with treatment and prevention so you can participate in the activities you enjoy. Our sports-specific services can benefit anyone injured while playing a sport or wanting to optimize their overall health and well-being.

At PT Solutions of Destin, our physical therapists love providing physical therapy for the local community. We combine our passion with our knowledge and expertise to offer an unmatched standard of care for each and every one of our patients. We are dedicated to providing each patient with a safe and comfortable space for taking an active role in rehabilitation and redefining what recovery means to you. Visit our physical therapy clinic located in the heart of Destin or request an appointment online to get started with one of our physical therapists as soon as possible. Experience first-hand the difference in our quality and innovative approach to physical therapy and patient care at PT Solutions of Destin.

From the office staff to the therapists, all were just awesome. Very friendly atmosphere. My therapist Matt was very knowledgeable and very patient with my therapy. Matt is the best therapist, I would recommend him to anyone. Thank you, Matt and the office staff, for all your help.

Jeff D. - Georgetown, TX

I just love P T solutions. It was so easy to set up an appointment with Sue (patient service coordinator) She was kind and very helpful. My physical therapist was Matt. He asked many questions to determine my treatment. He listens and smiles a lot. We set goals and Matt gently set a pace that would challenge me. Matt taught me how to improve my range of motion and how to recover from over exertion. Most of all Matt encouraged me to never give up. I feel I have control of my pain instead of my pain controlling me.

Cincy C. - Georgetown, TX

PT Solutions has been amazing with both of my kids. Highly recommend them. The entire staff is wonderful!

Heather B. - London, KY

I had talked with my PCP about the pain in my knee and he ordered an x-ray which confirmed osteoarthritis. It had gotten so painful I was having to use a walker to get around the house. After my evaluation and my first visit to PT Solutions, I was amazed to be pain free! I know that arthritis doesn’t just disappear – but during those first 2 visits, Jordan addressed enough issues that I had no pain. During my 2nd visit, several more issues were identified (specific muscle weakness and my walking gait) and we are working to correct those. I am very pleased with the professionalism and the expertise in the therapists I’ve worked with and looking forward to making further progress.

Lynne K. - London, KY

I’ve been to a couple PT places over the years and never really stuck around. All of the staff at PT Solutions are awesome people, all of them! I had been dealing with severe back pain and leg numbness for 3 years. I worked with Blake and Brian who are extremely knowledgeable and really trained me hard to target my problems. I had a really low quality of life before I entered PT Solutions and my quality of life has improved drastically. I am forever grateful to Blake and Brian and all of the staff. Thank you all, you have seriously blessed me! I can work out again and train like I used to. Most importantly I can play with my kids and no longer have to decline throwing the football around from being in too much pain.

Tim B. - London, KY

Great facility and the staff is even better. Mark is very knowledgeable and has a passion for helping that makes therapy almost fun.

Ben H. - Gibsonton, FL

Great service, very professional and caring for the clients. Very satisfied with the services.

Nikita A. - Gibsonton, FL

Mark is an amazing physical therapist. He takes the time he needs to figure out what’s going on. He has an individualized treatment approaches based on what your specific issue is.

Jennah M. - Gibsonton, FL