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Chicago Balance Center – Ascension St. Joseph

1 E Erie St, Ste 220
Chicago, IL 60611

Call Or Text: 773.525.5200

Fax: 773.525.5276

About Chicago Balance Center

At Chicago Balance Center, part of PT Solutions, we strive to make your experience great from beginning to end. This starts with flexible appointment scheduling and acceptance of most major insurance plans and continues with better patient outcomes through evidence-based research. For us, this is more than just a job. Our clinicians, therapy aides, and patient service coordinators are dedicated to ensuring you receive the best care and customer service.

Once in the clinic, a physical therapist will work with you to identify the source of your pain and guide you through manual therapy and therapeutic exercises to correct the problem. Your care begins with the end goal in mind—living life without pain.


I had a short spell of BPPV / Vertigo and it was absolutely debilitatingly miserable. I went to several doctors and was barely existing on my meclizine prescription until I found Chicago Balance. Dr. Isabella was so wonderful and understanding of the difficulties I was experiencing. I was given exercises to practice at home and at their office and was able to feel myself getting better. Moreover, the short experience I had at Chicago Balance really helped my mental health. The feeling of dizziness can make you feel crazy and afraid that no one really believes how sick you are. The staff there makes you feel supported and hopeful. I was very lucky that my spell was only two weeks but I know if it comes back, I will call Chicago Balance Chicago before I even call a doctor.

Leslie M. - Chicago, IL


Chicago Balance Center is a truly amazing place, and specifically Dr. Kylie Schmidlkofer. I found Balance after my bilateral mastectomy/surgery #5, and I am so very grateful. We worked on reestablishing my core strength and stability, range of motion, lymphatic swelling, scar care, and added in additional work for unrelated plantar fasciitis. I am so proud to say that I have recently ‘graduated’ from PT, and the work was so worthwhile. I feel better than I have in years!!!

Deanne R. - Chicago, IL


The staff is amazing! Very professional! Great experience!

Denise R. - Chicago, IL



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