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22556 Amendola Terrace, Suite 130
Ashburn, VA 20148

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About our Physical Therapy Clinic Ashburn

At PT Solutions of Ashburn, we provide a friendly and welcoming environment to help you reach your goals. Our location in the heart of Ashburn, and near several gymnastics gyms, offers us the opportunity to work with gymnasts of all levels. Our team of experienced physical therapists is full of energy, always working hard to motivate you and help build your strength so you can get back to what you love doing. Our clinic has a variety of equipment to support your treatment plan. In addition to seeing patients in the clinic, we also offer mobile appointments and will come to your gym.

Ashburn Physical Therapy

Learn about how physical therapy in Ashburn can help you improve your strength and mobility with a personalized plan of care at PT Solutions of Ashburn. We offer a wide range of physical therapy services to address Ashburn community members of all ages. Visit PT Solutions in Ashburn for a friendly and family-focused atmosphere the moment you enter our building. Our team of Ashburn physical therapists and clinicians aims to provide you with a quality experience throughout your time at PT Solutions. Whether you are in need of pediatric physical therapy, geriatric care, or something in between, our Ashburn physical therapists are here to help you!

Physical Therapy at PT Solutions of Ashburn

At PT Solutions, our physical therapists offer an innovative approach to physical therapy. We want you to gain confidence in your health and well-being as you work through exercises and other treatment approaches. We offer personalized care plans so that each person gets the quality and comprehensive care they need to be successful. Our Ashburn physical therapists are experts in movement and can help you regain your mobility and restore functioning no matter the cause. Ashburn physical therapy at PT Solutions can help you experience less pain as you recover from a recent injury or surgery. We also help by focusing on preventing future injuries and avoiding surgery. Physical therapy at PT Solutions can also help you prepare for an upcoming surgery by improving your strength and mobility to support a healthy recovery.

Concussion Care with PT Solutions Ashburn

If you have ever suffered a head injury, then you understand the importance of quality and effective concussion care. PT Solutions in Ashburn offers concussion care, including recovery, prevention, and education. Our team of Ashburn physical therapists works with a wide range of patients who have suffered a concussion, from children to professional athletes. A concussion can cause you to be more sensitive to light and sound, which is why we offer private treatment rooms with modifiable lighting to make you comfortable during your treatment. We take all brain injuries and trauma to the brain very seriously at PT Solutions of Ashburn and will be by your side as you recover from a concussion.

Neurological and Vestibular Rehab in Ashburn

PT Solutions of Ashburn offers personalized treatment and care for neurological conditions in a supervised facility. Our physical therapists address neurological conditions and concerns that may affect your quality of life. We understand that no two people have the exact same experience and offer personalized attention and care for each individual who comes through our doors. Any damage to your nervous system can cause a wide array of symptoms and concerns, and we are here to address your specific experience. Learn how physical therapy can improve your overall quality of life with neurological rehab and vestibular rehab in Ashburn . If you are dealing with a vestibular condition that affects your balance and causes dizziness or vertigo, our team of physical therapists is here to help. Vestibular therapy and rehabilitation can help you regain your footing and confidence after an injury or fall.

Ashburn Physical Therapy for TMJ

Do you grind your teeth at night or notice severe pain in your jaw with every meal? TMJ, or temporomandibular joint, refers to a disorder with the hinge joint in your jaw. Whether you are dealing with an improper bite or arthritis in the joint, physical therapy can help reduce your symptoms of jaw tenderness, pain, and other discomfort associated with TMJ dysfunction. Specific exercises that target the head and neck area can help reduce your discomfort. Your physical therapist may also recommend soft tissue mobilization and massage to the muscles that surround and support your jaw. No two experiences of TMJ dysfunction are exactly alike, so our Ashburn physical therapists will provide you with quality and personalized attention and care.

Running Analysis at PT Solutions

Learn how to improve your performance and reduce the risk of injury with quality and proactive physical therapy. Our team of Ashburn physical therapists at PT Solutions offers running analysis for everyone, including the casual neighborhood jogger and the marathon runner. A running analysis will help break down what you are doing well and also identify areas of improvement. Strength and joint mobility play a large role in the effectiveness of your stride and affect the quality of your run. Improving coordination can also help you reduce the risk of injury while you run. Running analysis with physical therapy can help runners and athletes of all ages reach their exercise goals and improve overall health and wellness.

Ashburn Physical Therapy for All Ages

Visit PT Solutions in Ashburn, VA, for quality, comprehensive physical therapy with innovative techniques and evidence-based treatment. Our team of physical therapists and clinicians offers a wide range of physical therapy options to address the needs of the Ashburn community and surrounding area. Call, email, or visit us online to request an appointment and find out how you can get started at our Ashburn physical therapy clinic.


Carson Endorf

Carson Endorf

Senior Clinic Director
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Dr. Green and her staff made me feel welcome the moment I stepped into the office. The front desk was also very understanding and worked well with my schedule. She was attentive and caring to my needs and did everything in her power to guide me with my shin pain. Not only was I introduced to new workouts and stretches that would help me cope with my pain but she also explained what and what not to do for my condition and was thorough about how it would benefit me or not. Overtime, she became like a friend as well! Dr. Green was very kind and built an amazing connection with each and every one of her patients. I have learned a lot about the human anatomy and have seen a great difference with my shin pain. She taught her patients and answered any questions they may have had and helped them with her full capability. I totally recommend her and her amazing team!

Breshna W. - Ashburn, VA