Easy Steps to Holiday Race Recovery


It’s the day after Thanksgiving!  We hope you and your family enjoyed a great meal together.  For some of you, this also means it is the day after the “Turkey Trot” you just ran.  Body Solutions by PT Solutions Physical Therapy is here to help with these five easy steps for proper post “Turkey Trot” recovery.

  1. Apply heat to the sore joints or muscles for 5 to 8 minutes.
  2. Dynamic Exercises (1 set each of 15 repetitions)
    1. Arm circles
    2. Leg swings – forward
    3. Leg swings – side to side
    4. Squats
    5. Bridges
  3. Walk or Bike for 10 minutes (Keep it non-impact)
  4. Static Exercises (Hold each for 30 seconds)
    1. Knee hugs to chest
    2. Calf stretch against wall
    3. Chest stretch in doorway
    4. Child’s pose
    5. Thich stretch lying face down on the floor
  5. Apply ice to sore joints or muscles for 10 to 20 minutes


Submitted By:
Keith Tesch, CSCS, CNT
Body Solutions, Chicagoland
630.470.5718 | ktesch@ptsolutions.com

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