Positivity Post: Vol. 5 Issue 508

Employee Communication - Positivity Post: Volume 5 Issue 0508
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PT Solutions of North Augusta Posts Positive messages in clinics

Patients Spread Positivity through Growing Wall of Post-its

About two weeks ago, Kirstie Racinski, Clinic Director in North Augusta, started building a wall. . . of Post-it Notes.  Each Post-itshares something positive going on in the lives of her team, their patients, or caregivers. “We’ve all been pretty stressed coming in and this is a way to provide positivity,” Kirstie said.

Kirstie was inspired by Florida’s “Be the Light” video. She had planned to put Post-its up for one week, but people, especially patients, continue to add compliments about the care they are receiving, motivational statements, and uplifting observations to the wall.  One patient said they look forward to reading the new additions at every visit.

Not only have the patients and team been inspired by the positivity, but physicians and their staff that share the building have come in to appreciate the positivity as well. Thanks to Kirstie and Kaylee Mincey, PSC for sharing your light in North Augusta!



PT Solutions of Destrehan Patient Appreciation Cookout
s Cook Up Delicious Idea for Patient Appreciation Day 

After being challenged by his Senior Clinic Director, Tyler Anthony, to think of ways to reassure patients during this time of crisis, Ryan ‘Slim’ Legarde, Clinic Director in Destrehan, LA, and his team began brainstorming. Slim, along with team members Amanda, Stacy and Joel decided to host a drive-by Patient Appreciation lunch where they would serve a Louisiana staple with a twistPastalaya – Jambalaya with noodles instead of rice.

Physical Therapist Joel Gonzalez made 40 pounds of pastalaya for the event, commentingDown here in Cajun Country, we celebrate with food. We really wanted to do something special for our patients to celebrate them and show them our appreciation.” The team set up a tent outside so patients could safely drive up and get a healthy helping of pastalaya with a side of southern hospitality.

Nearly 100 current, former, and (hopefully) future patients stopped by the event. Afterwards, patients followed up through ZipWhiptexting comments such as“Thank y’all so much for lunch. We really enjoyed it. I’m sending my appeal to Cigna tomorrow!” and “Thank you guys for a very good lunch and also for the great work you did on my knee”Way to show patient appreciation with a personal touch!


PT Solutions of Montgomery Delivers delicious Treats

Physician Liaison Spices Things up in Montgomery 

Every holiday seasonMichelle Peevy, Physician Liaison in Montgomery, AL receives requests from providers and physician’s offices to make her famous Ranch & Spicy Ranch Crackers, a delicious but time-consuming snack. Finding herself with more time on her hands than usual during the pandemic, Michelle decided she could start making the treat for top referral sources.

Donning mask and gloves, Michelle maintains distance as she completes drive by drop-offs to offices, often times setting the treats at the curb and waving from her car. The recipe and personal delivery were a hit. Michelle saidRight now being able to lift the spirits of healthcare workers any way I can is my way of giving back to themEven with a mask on you can see smiles from people’s eyes and that makes my day!”

Since the start of the pandemic, Michelle has made 375 individual bags of crackers. She jokes that she’s spent more time in the kitchen this spring than the whole last year, but she’s committed to continue making and delivering her treats to every office that refers to PT Solutions in Montgomery.

Want to make a batch yourself?  

Ranch Crackers Recipe 

1 box crackers; Mix: 1 cup canola oil, 3 Heaping Tbsp Ranch seasoning mix, 1/4 tsp salt
Apply mix to crackers in an airtight container and toss for 5 min. Then, transfer to another airtight container to “cure” for at least 4 hours


Spicy Ranch Crackers Recipe 

Follow the same process as above but change ingredients: no salt, add 2 heaping Tbsp crushed red pepper flakes!


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