Positivity Post: Vol. 6 Issue 515

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Flappy Hour Pt Solutions Team Trivia


FLAP-PY Hour Trivia Spreads its Wings Practice-wide

Lloyd Harris, Senior Clinic Director in the Florida Panhandle aka The FLAP, has been playing trivia with his family and friends in South Africa and Europe to keep in touch. He decided he needed to get his PTS Fam involved as well. “It just kind of evolved from an idea that I had. I was just going to put it on for my region but sent it out to the practice support center and some friends from residency and got some really great feedback,” Lloyd said.

Lloyd sent an email to about 130 people and about 20 people showed up to play including Cameron Roof, Senior Manager for Revenue Cycle Operations, who won the game. Fifty questions were divided into 5 rounds including geography, music, sports, tv/movies, and general knowledge. “I thought that I was not doing very well, but I redeemed myself on the pop culture questions,” Cameron said.  She added, “I feel like now it’s going to spread throughout the practice that Lloyd is a trivia genius.  It was so much fun!”

Besides tapping into our competitive natures and offering some PTS swag for prizes, this gave coworkers time to talk to one another and focus together on something that wasn’t work related.  “It was one of those things, where just seeing people’s faces was an immediate mood lifter,” Cameron said.

Lloyd is hosting a practice-wide trivia next Friday, May 22nd beginning at 7pm CST/8pm EST for members of the PTS Fam. PTS swag is at stake. 


Mississippi Pta Makes Exercise Class House Call

PTA Keeps Patients’ Goals Afloat During Pandemic

When the aquatic exercise class led by Lindsay Weninger, Physical Therapist Assistant in Ocean Springs, MS, finished early due to COVID-19, she knew she would miss her class regulars. After a week of not treating, Lindsay reached out to check in on a few of her past patients. Next thing she knew, she was driving over to make a social distanced visit to patients and neighbors, Janell and Alice. The three of them discussed ways to stay healthy and keep exercising during the stay at home order. As the visit concluded, they asked Lindsay to demonstrate a few moves they could do at home and requested she come back to visit!

 “I was so happy to check on my former patients and see they were doing okay during this crazy time. I loved to see how eager they were to get back to exercising,” Lindsay said. The next time she went to visit Janell and Alice, fellow PTS Fam member Karissa Lambert, PSC in Ocean Springs, joined her. They played their favorite oldies station through a speaker and completed an exercise series along with the music. Lindsay, thank you for going above and beyond on your days off to make sure our patients stay engaged and active!


Pt Solutions Of Sylcauga Hosts Patient Appreciation

Sylacauga Team Shows Appreciation to Dedicated Patients 

Chanel Swain, PSC in Sylacauga, AL noticed that the clinic had several patients that remained consistent in coming to their appointments throughout the past few months. After a conversation with Tommy Ponder, Clinic Director, the team consisting of PSCs Chanel, Marie Isbell, Deanna Ford, PTs Raymond Belisle, Hope Abernathy, PTAs Mara Martin, Vickie Fannin, and Tech Zorea Marbury decided to host a Patient Appreciation Week to say ‘thank you’.

Tommy stated, “We appreciate their commitment and dedication! Their continued support kept us open and operating.” Throughout Patient Appreciation week, the employees chipped in to provide snacks and drinks for anyone coming in for an appointment. Patients could also enter a raffle for each appointment with prizes including a bird feeder with bird seed, a movie package with popcorn and candy, a BBQ grilling set, and more.

“The patients were truly appreciative of us recognizing them.  They were so excited to write their names down each visit and were even more excited to know who won the following Monday,” Tommy said.  The team wrote down the names of the winners on their plexiglass wall so that they could be celebrated throughout the day.

Tommy added, “Throughout the past couple of months, we were so anxious about getting patients in that we sometimes forgot the dedication of our established patients. This week gave us the opportunity to remember why we’re here. We really enjoyed hosting Patient Appreciation week and both our team and the patients got so much out of it.”


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