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Happy Occupational Therapy Month!  

Each April, we celebrate Occupational Therapy Month to recognize occupational therapists and occupational therapy assistants across the practice. This year, it is even more important that we acknowledge their efforts as these clinicians are providing front line care for COVID-19 patients, helping them relearn everyday tasks and regain their independence.

OTs and OTAs make up 10% of the clinicians at PT Solutions, and we couldn’t do it without them. Kevin Duffy, Director of Clinical Operations, says it best, “Occupational Therapists and OTAs represent one of the most important service lines offered by our practice. I think back to patients I’ve treated in acute or rehab who would never have walked or transferred or climbed stairs, if first they weren’t able to put on their pants or brush their teeth. Occupational therapy allows physical therapy an opportunity to treat patients. For this, I cannot say thank you enough.”

Thank you, OTs and OTAs! Your continued commitment to our patients and hospital partners, along with your service on the front lines during these unprecedented times is greatly appreciated!



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Local Ponte Vedra Artists Spread Positivity 

Matt Serlo, Clinic Director in Ponte Vedre, FL,  has a 10-year-old daughter named Charlotte who is inspiring an art craze in FL. “She drew something for our family, and it made me smile. I asked her, ‘Could you make a picture for Dad at the office?’”

Charlotte’s picture was the first of many to come. Patients not only commented on the joy that Charlotte’s drawing brought, but also started commissioning works of art from their own kids to bring to the clinic and spread joy. “One of our patients brought in her son’s artwork, which we loved. She also gave us five canvases that I handed out to staff. I challenged them each to be creative over the weekend. Now we’re going to display them (seen  above) and have patients vote on which one is their favorite,” Matt said.

Other patients have been inspired by the clinic artwork as well. An inspired patient who is also a speech teacher is going to ask her kids to draw pictures, not only to display, but to inspire them to think about all the positive things going on around them. Per Matt, anything that brings joy and connection during these days of uncertainty is worth doing. “In today’s times, when people can feel isolated and alone, bringing a smile to someone’s face can make everyone around them feel so much better.”

Ponte Vedre Kid Pictures




Pts Olympics

2020 Asheville Olympics Commence  

The Asheville Olympics officially started on Monday, April 20th. Bree Snow, PSC in Weaverville and PTS Olympics Organizer explains, “The Spring PT Solutions Office Olympics originated in the small town of Candler, NC, in March of 2019. They were created to encourage our competitive nature while simultaneously bringing us together. We had so much fun coming up with challenges and competing during lunch breaks! In light of recent events limiting our social activities, we know now, more than ever, that it is important to continue to nurture this team environment and go farther together.”

Bree and Inga Steenbergen, Weaverville Clinic Director, are organizing this fierce, six-week competition which pits the Asheville area outpatient teams, inpatient teams, and athletic trainers against each other for the chance to win a pizza party, trophy, and most importantly, bragging rights. The teams are as follows:

Candler’s Cool Cats & Kittens (Candler) Biltmorton’s Neuroma (Biltmore Village) 
Tepid Water Warriors (AdventHealth Hendersonville) The O.G. LP (Laurel Park) 
Leave it to Weaver (Weaverville) Hungry Hungry Hendos (Hendersonvile Downtown) 
Take me to your Leader (Sales & Leadership) TrainerWrecks (ATs) 
TheraBandits (Inpatient) Evidence Based Winning (Arden)  

Each week,  teams are given two  challenge s which they must film  and submit.  The first week  focuses on aerodynamics and ingenuity.  Are you interested in replicating this in your region?  Reach out to Bree or Inga for more information! 



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PTS Prompts

Show us your Masks! Made a cool mask over the last few weeks? Show it off!

Check out what Bob Corris in Asheville did with a PTS Shirt!

Bob Corris Mask

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