PT Solutions Fit Girlz Finish Spring Season

On Saturday, May 3rd, PT Solutions held the annual Fit Girlz race at Mount Paran Christian School. Participants completed a 2-mile run and celebrated with a build-your-own yogurt parfait, accompanied by fresh fruit and delicious granola toppings.


The Fit Girlz program is designed to further self-esteem, educate on health with a fitness approach, and perpetuate spirituality through wellness.

Director of the program, Dr. Emily Yake, had Mount Paran girls– grades 1st through 4th– meet on campus once a week to train for the race. Emily educated the girls on proper ways to warm-up for exercise, how to improve running form and self-esteem, and the importance of spiritual wellness. Each week, Fit Girlz ran together to accomplish the final goal: the big, 2-mile race. On race day, the girls trotted through the eagerly awaited finish line and were met with goodie bags, yogurt, and warm hugs from their parents.


Way to go, Fit Girlz! PT Solutions would like to thank Mt. Paran Christian School, Coach Dana Gray, PT Solutions coaches and staff, and all of the parents who showed their support on race day!