PT Solutions Physical Therapy of Roswell Receives Rave Reviews

PT Solutions Physical Therapy of Roswell has received a great deal of patient praise as of late. Roswell is led by clinic director, Michael. Here’s what his patients have to say about PT Solutions’ level of care:

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Today is a very special day for one of your Physical Therapists at the Roswell location! A very special happy birthday to Mike!!!

In my many years of experience with PTs, throughout childhood and into adulthood, Mike is by far the absolute BEST-all the way around. He is all-encompassing with knowledge of anything and everything you throw at him from running, sports, dancing to archery, cycling, field, and couch potato-ing. His breadth of knowledge and commitment to… healing and implementation of practices and strategies is not only commendable, but note-worthy.

I’ve seen him work with interns and students as well as patients and the way he speaks to people is so confident and respectful that it provides an environment of comfort and ease where questions can be asked (whether student or patient initiated) so things can be better understood about what is going with the pain or injury being discussed.

I joke with him, calling him Mr. Google of PT. He explains and answers questions so thoroughly that you are left in amazement at his sheer understanding of the human body and its healing capacity. I am in awe of his extensive knowledge and accomplishment at such a young age. His integrity, commitment to patient care, and his all-around character and level professionalism is more than deserving of accolades.

PT Solutions is a better company because they have Mike and the team he has in Roswell. My daughter and I are privileged to be patients of Mike’s, and I am sure all of his patients feel the same. The entire team at the Roswell location, Sarah, Natalie and Cecliy, is incredible!

Happy birthday, Mike, and keep up the incredible work you do!

From Lauree, via Facebook post


Sheila, a patient at PT Solutions Physical Therapy of  Roswell and employee at Bender Orthopaedics, is active in the running community. After running a half marathon last week, she wrote to PT Solutions with news of her amazing accomplishment:

I had a P.R. this morning: 1:51. Got 3rd in my age group. I credit it to the awesome care from Mike and the staff at PT Solutions Roswell! I love PT Solutions, and they have been a GREAT help to me. I love how PT Solutions supports the running community!