The Georgia Ballet: The Four Seasons, April 4th-6th


PT Solutions is proudly partnered with the Georgia Ballet:

Georgia’s unpredictable weather over the past month, which featured snow flurries and icicles one week and sunshine and warmth the next, has led to Georgia residents experiencing their very own “Four Seasons”. Each Georgian has their own unique story, experience, and adventure about the unusual weather and how it affected their daily routines.

Similarly, The Georgia Ballet has also been experiencing a whirlwind of seasons over the past month.  However, these seasons, stories and adventures have been occurring within the studios of The Georgia Ballet as the company is preparing for their world premiere of The Four Seasons.

Featuring original choreography by Artistic Director Alexandre Proia, The Georgia Ballet’s The Four Seasons will take the audience on an emotional journey depicting relationships influenced by the changing of the seasons: spring arrives with a whirlwind of new love and reconciliation; summer’s heat reveals a sensuality and passion; autumn’s emotions mimic the falling leaves- turbulent, unwinding, and eroding; winter is dignified and desolate, but also brings hope and acceptance.

“This production is special and personal to me. I have been serving as the Artistic Director of The Georgia Ballet here in Marietta for one year now and have endured all of the physical changes of the seasons as well as personal changes, growth, and struggles brought on by new adventures and challenges,” Proia explains.


In addition to witnessing firsthand how Proia’s seasons beautifully transform from one to another, patrons will be treated to a fresh take on Vivaldi’s famous music- Proia utilizes internationally renowned composer Max Richter’s recomposed score. While music lovers will recognize fragments of the famous concerto, Richter’s reimagined composition offers an avant-garde update to the masterpiece. Furthermore, the production will also integrate theatrical video and sets and will include additional choreography by Kristin D’Addario to further tailor the swift metamorphosis of each season.


“I want our audience to go on a personal journey during this production and to continue that self-exploration after the performance” Proia describes. “Between the music, the sets, the video, and the movement, there are a multitude of layers and elements involved in this program that encourage thought, questioning, and examination. Like a fine wine or large meal, it will take time to digest.”

Performances of The Four Seasons will be held April 4th through April 6th at Marietta Performing Arts Center. Tickets are available online at, or by calling 770-528-0881.