Unstoppable semi-finalists are nominees that received two or more votes from the PTS Fam. You can cast your vote at the bottom of the page. (Only 3 picks per person please!) The 12 Unstoppable Winners will be announced this summer!

Shelly Sperl

Clinic Director & Clinical Documentation Specialist – Cartersville, GA

“Shelly is one of the kindest people I have ever met. She consistently exudes happiness to those around her no matter what she may be going through or what kind of day she is having. She is always a team player sacrificing her own needs to help others. She is extremely selfless and goes out of her way for her peers. She is always willing to listen and offer unbiased advice when needed. Every time I tell people I worked at the Cartersville clinic it was always met with “You work with Shelly? She’s my favorite person ever.” I definitely believe Shelly is unstoppable!”

Lynn Foggia

Senior Patient Services Coordinator – East Lake, FL

“Lynn’s positivity is infectious! She brings light and friendliness to our lives everyday. Patients love her welcoming and sweet demeanor. Recently, Lynn was able to capture a patient simply by her welcoming nature conveyed through the phone. The patient stated that she was deciding between two different clinics and chose ours even though the cost was higher solely because Lynn was so nice to her. This is only one example of how Lynn exceeds expectations consistently. Another example of her going above and beyond is the gratitude she shows staff members and other professionals. She remembers birthdays and special milestones. There is laughter everyday and patients leave smiling from their genuine love for her. Lynn embodies everything a PSC should be and more. She is efficient and anticipates the needs of the team. I couldn’t imagine working without her and she deserves this unstoppable award!”

Ally (Cochran) Howard

Regional Training Coordinator – Atlanta, GA

“Ally has been with the practice for 6+ years and has held many roles with PTS as a patient, aide, PSC, Sr. PSC and now RTC. Her commitment to excellence in both the technical skills and customer service is what sets her apart. She has an outstanding grasp of all it takes to provide service that exceeds expectations with excellent intuition on how to teach others to provide the same level of service. She has excelled in her new role in teaching and on-boarding new PSC’s as well as training and supporting our existing teams in Georgia and Alabama. Ally models the teamwork attitude PT Solutions strives for and has significantly gone above and beyond for her team.”

Michelle Peevy

Physician Liaison – Montgomery, AL

“Michelle constantly goes the extra mile, even if it means hand delivering notes or plans of care to a doctor’s office to sign. She is always involved in any community event that we are involved in. She is constantly looking for ways to promote our clinics in Alabama, whether she’s setting up lunch meetings to introduce our clinicians to referring physicians, or more recently, having physicians come to our clinics to discuss their expertise to help educate the clinicians and build better relationships. She is professional, easy to get along with, easy to work with, caring and compassionate. She is  such a joy to be around and is so deserving of this award. I really feel that she embodies every wonderful thing that PT Solutions is. I wish every region had a Michelle.”

Cayla Lampman

Regional Training Coordinator – Calhoun, GA

“Cayla goes above and beyond for all of the clinics she works in. She always has the answer to any question I may have and always has a solution to any problem that arises. She has excelled in any position she has been put in. Her work ethic and leadership skills are the definition of unstoppable. Cayla is the definition of a hard-worker. She volunteers to stay late to get the job done and has even worked on several Saturdays when we were understaffed to catch up. She has a positive attitude and is always thinking of ways to make PT Solutions better. I appreciate having her on my team and I think she deserves the unstoppable award!”

Oladeji “DJ” Olowojesiku

PT Aide – Acworth, GA

“DJ is always smiling while doing his job and is amazing at building relationships with not only his coworkers but more importantly the patients. DJ will go out of his way to help someone else in need. When ever he has down time in the back, he’s checking on the front desk to see if we need anything. He helps every patient to the desk when they are finished with their therapy. I believe that DJ truly understands the PT Solutions vision and lets that show in all of his actions. I am very thankful to get to work with DJ!!”

Selina Mantanona

Clinic Director – Fort Walton Beach, FL

“Selina is a workhorse. She is usually the first one to the clinic every morning and ALWAYS the last one to leave, often logging 12-13 hour days to make sure quality patient care is being provided as well as making sure the “behind the scenes” operations are running smoothly. Even with all her administrative duties, she is the most productive therapist in our clinic and we celebrate days when we beat her on daily charges because this happens so rarely. Additionally, she has taken on mentorship responsibilities, mentoring two PTAs in our clinic. She has also given presentations for the elderly at a local church providing education on general health and physical therapy, and is constantly recruiting the rest of us to participate in community events such as Relay for Life. As if this wasn’t enough, her husband is currently deployed for 6 months and Selina is able to raise her 4 year old daughter and complete full-time mom duties when her husband is deployed. If she does not represent the very definition of UNSTOPPABLE, then no one does. She is passionate about her job and passionate about the company. I could not recommend a better person to receive this award from our region.”

Jim Heebner

Purchasing & Facilities Management – Georgia

“I am willing to bet Jim has won an Unstoppable award in the past before I was with the company. Jim is always available to answer questions and assist with clinic needs. Jim always returns emails with witty humor and a smiley face which makes my day. He is great at following up with clinics to ensure everything you needed has been taken care of. Jim is a true asset to this company.”

Jack Jones

Physical Therapist – Illinois

“A little over a year ago, Jack transitioned out of a clinic director role. As a talented, skilled therapist, Jack continued to contribute with exceptional patient care. He has many loyal patients who follow him wherever he goes. But Jack had so much more to give. Jack spent several months traveling to Kansas City to help get their clinics on their feet and headed in the right direction. He never complained despite the hectic schedule. A true team player. Last year we hired 5 new grad physical therapists in Illinois. Jack Jones organized, developed and implemented (in cooperation with others) an intensive weekly mentoring program to help these new employees acclimate to the PT Solutions clinical approach. Each of these therapists is now a productive, effective clinician and they are grateful for the guidance Jack provided. Many clinic directors have told me how much they appreciate Jack’s mentoring for their team members. Jack also involved several of the experienced PTs in the region to assist in teaching these mentoring program, making existing clinicians feel engaged and valuable. While Jack no longer holds the title of Clinic Director, I consider him a very valuable leader in our company.”

Lloyd Harris

Clinic Director – Fort Walton Beach, FL

“Lloyd has been the definition of Unstoppable this past year. He has influenced colleagues and made a positive influence in the practice since he started working with us. That influence has only increased, especially after he was named CD of the OA-FWB clinic. There was a dramatic improvement in culture and clinical quality once he took over, which was represented in improved FOTO outcomes, patient satisfaction, and financial performance. I have seen him in the clinic setting both in OA-FWB and during mentoring in GA clinics. He is confident and commands immediate respect from everyone. Lloyd sought additional training and became our first resident in the Florida Panhandle. On top of this, he has organized the first PT Pub night in the panhandle, taken an active role in recruiting for his entire region, and helps lead the panhandle mentoring program. Lloyd will be added as a faculty member to the PTS Residency Program next year as a result of his superior performance and dedication. Despite being clearly exhausted at times, he maintains a positive attitude and always puts his best effort forward. I cannot think of a more deserving winner of the award.”

Kevin Swieboda

Clinic Director – Candler, NC

“If anybody knows Kevin at all they know he is 110% at all times. His clinic is absolutely booming due to his hard work. We are going to have to tear down a wall to make room for more patients coming in. This man goes above and beyond to give his time for mentoring outside of his normal clinic duties taking on students every time he is asked with a smile and enthusiasm. He loves teaching and every student reports their best clinical experience at his clinic. You can also ask anybody that works for them and they would agree he is 100% the best boss they’ve ever had. He does not settle for mediocre and has pushed his PSCs to become the some of the best in the region. He pushes me to be better every day and I would be no where near the therapist I am today without him. With all of this, he still is a able to communicate in a respectful way while keeping the upmost positivity. Give this guy a shout out because he is exceeding expectations and then some over here in Candler, NC!”

Kim Cruz

Regional Training Coordinator – Illinois

“Kimberly is the epitome of UNSTOPPABLE each and every day! As a lead PSC/ RTC, she takes on her ‘hats’ with determination, energy, and positivity unlike anyone. If there is ever a question, it is Kim who has the answer. If there is ever a task that needs to get done, it is Kim that can accomplish it. If there is any quirky scenario, it is Kim that can persevere to find out how to resolve it. She is in the trenches so to speak and makes sure no clinic is ever left behind. If there is a shortcoming somewhere, she is there to help, to train, and to make sure that all tasks, all positions, and all individuals are up to speed so the situation is solved and fixed for the future. She is a force in the PT Solutions family and does it all with sincerity and a smile! Her energy and attitude is contagious and makes everyone on her team strive to do their best. Kim has been successful in maintaining zero turnover in the Illinois PSC team for over a year and is focused on the development of the position though the creation of the PSC University. Through PSC University she facilitates open communication, skill development, and opportunities to practice skill sets to ensure the advanced knowledge base of the team. She makes sure everyone is prepared, knows their job, feels confident, and that not just herself but everyone can EXCEED expectations! Kim goes above and beyond all day every day, and I believe that she truly deserves the recognition for all that she is and all that she does!”

Denise Phillips

Patient Services Coordinator – Powder Springs, GA

“Denise has been with PT Solutions for a little over a year and has made a huge impact on our employees within that time. She opened up the Lower Roswell clinic from the ground and has been a big contributor to making that clinic grow and become successful. She played multiple roles while working at Lower Roswell such as PSC and aiding when necessary. When there was a mass hiring of PSC’s, she stepped up and trained her replacement since she accepted a position for yet another new clinic opening in Powder Springs. While traveling back and forth from Lower Roswell to aide and train and Powder Springs to help get that clinic started, she has still managed to keep an eye out on Lower Roswell and help when needed remotely. She supports her PT and is a great team player. Denise showed outstanding customer service and work ethic since the day she started. Denise is always working hard and making the most of her time and looks for a way to go above and beyond making her unstoppable!”

Taylor Larkey

Physician Liaison – North GA

“She is a such a ray of sunshine with a lot of grit and determination. She is a team player,  always helping other,  overcoming barriers while finding solutions and leaving something better than the way she found it. She genuinely cares about ALL. She has that contagious spirit that you want to sprinkle around to everyone. Taylor always shows consistent high energy at work. She goes above and beyond, sending member at her local gym to the clinic for referrals. She is extremely effective in her role and is always up for a challenge, never saying no. I appreciate having her on my team and I think she deserves the Unstoppable Award this year.”

Anna Catherine Schmidt

Senior Patient Services Coordinator – Palm Coast, FL

“As a newer employee, I have been able to learn from Anna Catherine. She always makes sure every PTS team member is involved and makes the clinics here in Palm Coast and St. Augustine feel like a strong family community. What I believe Anna Catherine brings to the table is strong tactfulness. Her knowledge base of her position and PT Solutions is more than impressive. With her coming Master’s Degree, she was promoted to our clinic manager and is an inspiration to the other PSCs in our office. She has been able to be a leader in one of the practice’s busiest clinics and conducts herself as a young professional. She is definitely an Unstoppable employee.”

Mollie Archer

Clinic Director & Residency Recruiter – West Atlanta, GA

“Mollie has not stopped growing or excelling since she arrived at PT Solutions. From orthopaedic resident to clinic director to start-up clinic director to now assisting with residency recruiting. Mollie does not say no to helping her employees, fellow therapists, patients, or the practice. A frequent phrase heard in senior level meetings is “If I just had 10 Mollie Archers, everything would be great.” Each year that passes, I think to myself: “why is Mollie Archer not up there winning this award?”   I cannot think of a more deserving individual to represent everything this award stands for. Mollie is constantly exceeding expectations by her work ethic, how she treats her patients, and overall results that she gets. She has been an amazing addition to our team for the past four years and deserves this recognition.”

Stephanie Knowles

Senior Patient Services Coordinator – Laurel Park, NC

“Stephanie is so much fun to work with! She brings a smile to your face when she walks into the clinic and she cares so much for our patients and team members. Stephanie always goes out of her way to show the highest level of customer service. Stephanie is dedicated to what she is doing and learning and growing in her role and as a person. She welcomes feedback and uses it for positive growth. I have watched Stephanie grow over the past two years from this very shy, quiet, keep to herself type of person to someone who shines. She is now the one teaching others, asking for mentorship, and volunteering to go outside of her comfort zone. Stephanie is a great team member and leader in North Carolina and I don’t know what I would do without her!”

Paul Merz

Senior Clinic Director – Palm Coast, FL

“Since PT Solutions partnered with Florida Hospital 4 years ago, Paul  has done a remarkable job leading his team. He has great insight as to what is required by both the hospital and PT Solutions ensuring his team is exceeding expectations at all times. He has grown the Parkway clinic tremendously over the past 3 years and respectively groomed his staff to be efficient and effective both clinically and professionally. He is extremely innovative and always puts his team first and brings out the best in them. He is always available to staff when there is a question no matter how busy he may be and never looks frazzled or stressed! He is an amazing person, mentor, clinician and leader. I truly feel blessed to have him be a part of the PT Solutions team. He is by far the true definition of being unstoppable.”

Melissa Paulin

Senior Patient Services Coordinator – Acworth, GA

“Melissa is always the first person to ask if there is anything she can do to help make our job easier or to lighten our workload. Melissa completely embodies the PT Solutions culture because she is constantly exceeding expectations not only as a co-worker but also during patient interaction and sets a great example for our PSCs to look to for what a leader should look like. Melissa’s constant positive attitude is infectious and, as a result, that positivity rubs off on anyone around her and makes for a positive work experience for coworkers and positive PT experience for patients. She is a hard worker and I can’t think of anyone more deserving.”

Dennis Fredette

Senior Clinic Director – Fort Walton Beach, FL

“Dennis is the most approachable, hard working, and motivated person I have ever worked along side. He has gone out of his way numerous times to help improve and develop our program here at Tulane Lakeside Inpatient Rehab. He has traveled to and from Ft. Walton Beach, FL to New Orleans down the lonely interstate all to guide and mentor our program. Words and gestures cannot begin to show our gratitude for Dennis. Not only did he spend several days away from his home and family, but he also arranged for select IPR therapist to travel to Ft. Walton to mentor his therapist. Dennis unselfishly has gone out of his way to promote the best environment for us New Orleans therapists. I am so thankful to have been able to work along side Dennis and I hope I can take away at least half of his incredible attributes.”

Holly Timcoe

Senior Patient Services Coordinator – Canton, GA

“There is nothing Holly cannot accomplish! If given a task, no matter big or small, you can count on her to have it done. She is willing to jump in where ever needed and even in her Senior PSC role, she goes above and beyond to assist with patient care, often stepping in as an aide if needed. She is missed by patients and staff when she is not her. She is able to calm down the most upset patient on the phone specifically when it deals with a touchy subject such as patient billing. Holly loves to train and it is apparent with the ease of which she does it. She is one of the most dependable and reliable employees ever and we couldn’t do our jobs nearly as good as we are without her supporting our efforts!   Holly has told me that she aspires to be excellent at her job.   I say that she is not only excellent but Unstoppable!”

Zach Engesser

PT Aide – The Harbin Clinic – Cartersville, GA

“Zach has always gone above the call of duty for his team and our patients the 5 years he has worked for PTS. No matter if he is having a good or bad day he never fails to have a smile on his face. Before I started working with Zach, I heard of him through word of mouth by other therapists who said he was the best aide they had ever had. He not only lived up to the hype I heard from other PTs, but he exceeded it. He holds himself to the highest PTS standard and strives to be better everyday. Patients come in requesting that they see Zach, which shows me that he is truly making an impression on our patients. He has the best work ethic of any person I have worked with. Knowing that Zach will be in the clinic will make one of those “crazy days” not seem so crazy because of how well he is able to assist in patient management. It really is a great feeling knowing he is part of our Harbin team.”

Bryan Rivera

Senior Athletic Trainer – LakePoint Sports Complex – Georgia

“Since Bryan joined the practice, he has been an invaluable asset to the sports medicine team. Despite the stresses and challenges that come with Bryan’s role, I have never seen him without a smile. I’ve never heard a negative comment or seen him with a poor attitude. I’ve never seen him show even the smallest sign of stress! Bryan has strengthened relationships and improved communication with LakePoint staff and managers. He has built personal relationships with PRN employees to better understand their needs and scheduling constraints. He has implemented programs to provide more complete patient care to athletes. On top of all that he does at LakePoint, Bryan is always available to help the rest of our full time athletic trainers find coverage when needed. He is truly appreciated by every member of the sports medicine team. Bryan’s cheerful attitude is infectious. His commitment to providing excellent care is obvious.  He inspires others to think critically about developing better processes and he always exudes positivity. Bryan is absolutely unstoppable and I am honored that I get to work with him!”

Maureen Crowley

Patient Services Coordinator & Aide – Glen Oaks – Bloomingdale, IL

“Maureen has been working for PTS for about 3 years and demonstrates such loyalty and commitment to not only our PTS family, but also our patients. She always has a smile on her face and interacts with our patients in a very professional and courteous manner. She can engage an entire room with her enthusiasm and humor. Maureen is a master at multi-tasking both aide and PSC work and does not miss a beat. She always anticipates the therapists’ next steps and makes our jobs much easier. To be honest, our clinic wouldn’t run as smoothly without her because she takes on so many responsibilities, even the small details like remembering staff member’s birthdays so we can celebrate. She truly is a paramount presence in our clinic and deserves to be recognized for her outstanding character.”

Andrew Fix

Physical Therapist – Kansas City

“Andrew is the perfect definition of UNSTOPPABLE! He started his PTS journey in Georgia, was a Clinic Director in Illinois, and is now supporting the Kansas City region. Andrew takes pride in representing PTS at races and events as a participant supporting the brand and as a clinician screening members of the community. He remembers his patients by name, the goals of why they are coming into physical therapy and what they would like to accomplish, activities they are doing over the weekend and important family members’ names. He even attends sporting events for his patients who have come into the clinic with a sport-related injury, supporting them in their future endeavors and goals. Andrew is a true example of unstoppable in action. It is never giving up, loving what you do, striving to bring everyone together in the direction that PTS is going to better serve the community through outstanding physical therapy. Go Andrew!”

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