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Personal Trainer, Kevin Tart, Joins Body Solutions

We’re excited to announce Body Solutions newest addition, Kevin Tart. Lead by top personal trainers, physical therapists and ACE-Certified wellness coaches, Body Solutions is ready to design a personal wellness plan meeting the goals and objectives of the individual.


Meet Atlanta’s Body Solutions trainer, Kevin:


Kevin is an Atlanta native with a B.S. in Exercise Physiology from Valdosta State University. As a certified strength and conditioning specialist through the NSCA, Kevin is experienced in working with collegiate, Olympic, and professional athletes, various age groups, and fitness levels. In his free time, Kevin enjoys an active lifestyle, involving sports and crossfit.

Kevin offers services in: sports performance, nutrition education, individualized wellness plans, personal training, group fitness, adult fitness, and online coaching.


Are you looking to…

*Lose weight?

*Get fit?

*Run a 5K?

*Feel energized?

*Adopt a healthier lifestyle?

*Workout with groups?

*Improve sports performance?

*Increase overall quality of life?

Contact Kevin for a free evaluation: