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Managing Parkinson’s Disease with Physical Therapy

Did you know that nearly one million people in the U.S. suffer from Parkinson’s disease? PD refers to a condition which causes movement disorders, like: stiffness, tremors, balance issues, slow mobility, and poor coordination. As the condition progressively worsens, individuals with PD may struggle to stand, walk, or even talk, and the inability to complete everyday tasks greatly hinders quality of life.


PT Solutions’ patient, Joan, knows firsthand how debilitating Parkinson’s can be: she was diagnosed with PD 13 years ago. Before coming into PT Solutions, Joan struggled to walk and was wheelchair-bound. After several surgeries and time in the hospital, Joan required hospice care. When she started falling in her own home, Joan realized it was time to reclaim control over her life.


Joan opted for physical therapy to manage her PD, and after ten weeks with PT Solutions, Joan was up on her feet. Joan’s treatment plan was mapped out by therapists who undergo special training to develop expertise in neurologic rehabilitation, and Joan’s treatment consisted of strategies and exercises to optimize her safety, independence, and mobility at home.


Joan continues to attend therapy, but now her therapy sessions involve practicing her swing, which she is eager to show off when she plays a round of golf with her husband.


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