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747 Hwy 71 West, Suite B-200
Bastrop, TX 78602

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About Our Physical Therapy Clinic In Bastrop

At PT Solutions Bastrop, our focus is to provide a plan of care that puts you on a path to wellness designed to help you reach your goals. Our clinic has a welcoming environment full of energy to motivate you throughout your treatments. From the moment you walk in, our fun and family-like atmosphere is immediately noticeable. Our friendly and professional team will greet you, ready to guide you through your physical therapy journey. Our expert clinicians treat various age groups and many conditions, and our central location makes us easily accessible to all Bastrop, TX, community members.

At PT Solutions, our physical therapists bring an innovative approach to the physical therapy experience. Visit PT Solutions Bastrop physical therapy and find out firsthand about our commitment to the community. We take an evidence-based approach to physical therapy and supportive services to ensure you get quality, comprehensive treatment and care. We pride ourselves on offering exceptional service with our unparalleled commitment to customer service from your first phone call with us through your last visit. If you are looking for physical therapy in Bastrop, TX, check out PT Solutions. We believe physical therapy is more than just a series of prescribed exercises to check off a list. Our physical therapists work with you one-on-one and create a personalized plan of care to meet your specific needs and goals.

Physical Therapy in Bastrop, TX

Our Bastrop physical therapists partner with your healthcare providers to ensure you receive the best care. When you visit PT Solutions in Bastrop, TX, you will experience an approach to physical therapy like no other. We encourage you to take an active role in your recovery and rehabilitation. Whether you are looking for a physical therapist for support after a surgery or injury or want to improve your performance in your sport of choice, our teams of physical therapists are here to help you. Physical therapy is commonly associated with preparing for and recovering from surgery. Work with a physical therapist to improve your strength and mobility with our comprehensive and individualized rehabilitation plans.

Physical therapy at PT Solutions Bastrop will incorporate exercises, education, and hands-on therapies to increase motion, strength, and improve function. We want you to feel confident and in control of your experience and recovery. With our commitment to effective treatment, you will see how physical therapy can even help you recover faster and prevent further injury. Physical therapy after an injury will allow you to rehab in a safe space where a highly trained and skilled physical therapist will help you know your limits and only push yourself when it’s appropriate. We will help you find the perfect balance between resting too much and returning to the field too soon.

Specialty Services at Bastrop Physical Therapy

Visit our Bastrop physical therapy clinic for specialty services like dry needling, TMJ therapy, and vestibular rehab. Our specialty services complement other treatments and approaches to ensure you get the care you need to support your recovery. Dry needling is one of our specialty services that can help bring pain relief from conditions like chronic headaches, tendonitis, or a recent injury. Dry needling is based on scientific principles that focus on healthy functioning in your musculoskeletal system. Dry needling can help reduce pain and stiffness by targeting muscle tension and improving healthy blood flow. Your physical therapist may recommend dry needling in addition to our other services, especially if you continue to have muscle spasms or contractions that restrict movement or delay your recovery. Physical therapy interventions like balance and gait training, aerobic conditioning, endurance training, and patient education pair well with our specialty services so you can experience a holistic and innovative approach to treatment and recovery.

Bastrop Sports-Specific Services

You might associate physical therapy with professional athletes. In fact, physical therapists can help people of all ages, sizes, and skill levels. Physical therapy can offer you a wide range of benefits, whether you are an Olympic athlete or a casual exercise class attendee. Sports-specific services with physical therapy will focus on improving your performance and preventing injuries. Physical therapists are experts in movement, and we offer assessments and analyses that will identify your strengths and areas for growth. A running analysis can provide insight into how your stride length and gait might impact your ability to run longer distances or achieve faster times to meet your goals. Learn more about how you can improve in your particular sport or activity by engaging in physical therapy that targets your strength and mobility. Work with a physical therapist to improve your balance, flexibility, and range of motion to perform at your best and prevent further injury.

What Conditions We Treat

At PT Solutions of Bastrop, TX, we treat health conditions and injuries that impact you from head to toe. We offer concussion care and education on head injuries, cranial, and facial pain. Learn how to better manage your migraines or recover from a whiplash injury that has restricted your range of motion. Physical therapy will provide practical tools like stretches and exercises you can perform at home and in between sessions to help improve joint pain and mobility. Physical therapy also helps support people dealing with neurological dysfunction and allows you to gain more control and confidence in your everyday routines and activities. Your Bastrop physical therapists want to help you improve your quality of life with target approaches to physical therapy where you can get a comprehensive treatment plan with a movement expert at PT Solutions.

Access to location is super easy and appointments are easily made either in person or by text message. Communication is great! The physical therapist stayed in touch with my doctor in a timely manner. He makes a specific plan for each client and then sets goals and objectives. He is innovative and creative in the routine he plans and he follows up closely to make sure you are progressing properly. I highly recommend and will return here if I need PT in the future.

Lynda W. - Bastrop, TX