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South Austin

2500 W William Cannon Dr, Ste 409
Austin, TX 78745

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About Our Physical Therapy Clinic In South Austin

At PT Solutions South Austin, our top priority is to deliver evidence-based care to our patients. However, we also understand the value of exploring unconventional approaches to healing that may benefit our patients. Our team of specialists is dedicated to continuous learning and improvement to provide the most innovative techniques to the residents of Austin. We believe in providing a comprehensive approach to healthcare that considers all options for the benefit of our patients’ wellbeing.

I want to thank Kendall, Becca, and Thomas for helping me with my treatment. They listen and explain thoroughly to provide a better understanding about body movements to prevent any further injuries. They also take careful measures to keep the facility clean and safe. I enjoyed doing my PT with highly experienced therapists along with great music. Office admins Brittney and Olivia are friendly, courteous and accurate with filing insurance information.

Lindsey - Austin, TX



Parker K. - Austin, TX


I started physical therapy at PT Solutions in Jan 2021. I was considering surgery for disc degeneration and a misaligned L5 S1 situation that had worsened over the last decade. After 5 months of physical therapy, the pain has gone from crippling to an occasional nuisance. I’m now in a position to manage this myself and avoid surgery. Thanks Rebecca and everyone at PT Solutions!

Paul M. - Austin, TX


Physical Therapy in South Austin

The core of our practice will always be manual therapy, using a hands-on approach to help the body realign and recover, addressing the root cause of our patients’ concerns rather than trying to mask symptoms. Most of our patients visit due to an injury, surgery, or condition that causes severe pain and limits their mobility, and our top priority is always to return you to the healthiest version of yourself possible.

In addition to classic physical therapy, PT Solutions Austin offers a range of services, both rehabilitative and preventative, as well as workplace consultative services and postpartum care.

Rehabilitation services include cardiac rehabilitation, concussion treatment, movement disorder and neurological disorder rehabilitation, treatment for orthopedic and sports injuries, care for stroke patients, hand and write therapy, and TMJ treatment. Therapies such as dry needling may also be used along with manual therapy. We even offer Vestibular Rehabilitation Therapy, an exercise-based solution that retrains the brain in how to identify and process signals from the vestibular system through specific head, body, and eye exercises.

For those without an injury, PT Solutions can also serve patients through preventative treatments that help maintain health without causing injury. Running analysis and bike fitting are common services that evaluate your current habits and posture, making suggestions to prevent injury and improve athletic performance. We can even work with employers to do physical evaluations of workers to ensure they will be safe working physically demanding jobs.

No matter the service you visit our clinic for, we strive to provide an excellent patient experience from start to finish. Our treatments are always based on evidence, and we are constantly learning in order to bring the most innovative treatments to Austin residents. We know you place trust in us, and the entire staff at PT solutions, from clinicians to coordinators, are dedicated to providing the best care and service possible.

The clinic is located in South Austin off of W William Cannon Drive, right up the street from the Stephenson Nature Preserve. We look forward to seeing you for your first appointment!