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Physical Therapy Clinics Near You

New Orleans Physical Therapy

Look no further than PT Solutions for all your physical therapy needs. With multiple locations across the New Orleans metro area, you will find a team of physical therapists and employees ready and willing to provide you with the best treatment and care. Visit PT Solutions New Orleans and find a location in a parish near you. PT Solutions offers an innovative approach to physical therapy with a strong commitment to patient-centered treatments and a welcoming environment for all. Each New Orleans physical therapy clinic with PT Solutions is owned and operated by the same people who provide you with the best care. Our physical therapists aim to provide you with quality and effective solutions to help you reach your goals for treatment and support your overall well-being.

Physical Therapy in New Orleans

At PT Solutions in New Orleans, our teams of physical therapists and clinicians across the metro area create a warm and welcoming atmosphere from your first point of contact. We offer easy and flexible scheduling so you can gain access to physical therapy and other services as soon as possible. Our physical therapists focus on improving patient outcomes for everyone through evidence-based research and a dedication to continuing education. Our physical therapists at PT Solutions strive to be the best in the profession and always dedicate their time and energy to making sure they can exceed patient expectations.

No matter what brings you to PT Solutions in New Orleans, our team of professionals offers comprehensive care from physical therapy to occupational therapy to specialty services like dry needling and sports rehabilitation. We work with a diverse group of patients and support the rehabilitation and recovery efforts of people of all ages. PT Solutions offers multiple clinics across the metro area, so you can meet with a New Orleans physical therapist near you and experience our creative approach to physical therapy and beyond.

Core Physical Therapy Services

PT Solutions of New Orleans offers core services, including physical therapy, occupational therapy, speech therapy, and pediatric therapy. When you come to PT Solutions for physical therapy in New Orleans, you will receive more attention and care than a simple one-size-fits-all model. In fact, our physical therapists break the mold by offering personalized care plans for each person who walks through our doors. No two people will recover from an injury in the same way, which is why we work with you individually to help assess your needs for care. In addition to physical therapy, our clinicians may also recommend additional support services like occupational therapy or speech therapy.

Pediatric physical therapy is also available for toddlers to teens who may need support and encouragement in recovery, rehabilitation, or reaching certain developmental milestones. Our physical therapists work alongside occupational therapists and speech therapists to provide quality and comprehensive pediatric therapy in New Orleans. Our team of clinicians will help your child gain the confidence they need to overcome any obstacles while they improve strength and mobility. A welcoming and engaging environment for physical therapy is key to encouraging your child to take an active role in their treatment. Our physical therapists and clinicians bring a positive and encouraging personality paired with a strong knowledge and understanding of the treatments and techniques needed to help your child thrive.

Specialty Services at PT Solutions

When you think of physical therapy, you may associate this with stretches and exercises to help you recover from a recent injury or surgery. In fact, New Orleans physical therapy with PT Solutions offers a wide range of services that go beyond these basic tenants. Our physical therapists do work with you through stretches and exercises to help you reach your goals for treatment, along with manual therapies and supportive practices to best serve you. In addition to these core services, you can work with a New Orleans physical therapist for specialty services like pelvic floor therapy, vestibular rehabilitation, and prehab therapy. If you are looking for a New Orleans dry needling clinic, then visit a PT Solutions location near you for this beneficial treatment option to help you manage your pain.

Sports-Specific Physical Therapy Services

Experience the best New Orleans sports rehab center when you schedule an appointment at a PT Solutions near you. Our team of physical therapists offers sports physical therapy, athletic training, and a variety of other sports-specific services. Whether you are a professional athlete or a weekend warrior, our team at PT Solutions is here to help you. Work with a physical therapist to recover from a sports injury effectively or to help you prevent future injuries on and off the field. Sports physical therapy provides you with targeted treatments to help you improve your strength, range of motion, and flexibility.

You don’t have to be injured to see a physical therapist. In fact, sports physical therapy can help you improve your skills by identifying areas of weakness through comprehensive analysis. Visit PT Solutions in New Orleans for sports-specific services like running analysis, golf swing analysis, bike fitting, and concussion care. Our physical therapists want to help you gain the knowledge and tools to prevent injuries before they happen. Through a combination of hands-on treatment approaches and patient education, we will arm you with the information and skills you need to reach your personal goals while staying healthy and safe during the activities that matter to you most.

Recovery & Rehabilitation in New Orleans

From Luling to Hammond to Slidell, visit our network of clinics in the New Orleans metro area and experience the difference in quality, comprehensive physical therapy and care at PT Solutions. Check out a PT Solutions New Orleans location near you and get started with one of our physical therapists today. Schedule your first visit with us and talk to one of our physical therapists about your questions, concerns, and goals. Each PT Solutions location has a patient services coordinator who will work with you to create a flexible schedule for physical therapy that optimizes your plan for success. We look forward to helping you reach your healthcare goals at PT Solutions in New Orleans!