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Celebrating 13 Years at PT Solutions

July 21, 2016

On July 21, 2003, physical therapist and founder of PT Solutions, Dale Yake opened the first PT Solutions clinic in Eufaula, Alabama. Now with clinics in Chicagoland, Illinois down to Tampa, Florida, we are treating patients in more than 95 locations across 8 states. To all of our friends, family and patients who became our friends along the way, thank you for being on this incredible journey with us over the past 13 years. Read on to see what some of our PT Solutions family members had to say about PT Solutions over the years.

PT Solutions Dale Yake Lorraine Riche Jennifer Hall

“Today I am blessed to reflect on 13 years since I first walked into our first clinic on the first day of PT Solutions. We were born with humble beginnings and it is my hope that we remain humble. We have had like any newborn our struggles and challenges. We will continue to have them as a teenager. Whatever your association with PT Solutions current or past as patient, partner, physician, administrative, sales, trainer or therapist thank you for your joining us in our hope, pursuit, and prayer for improving the human condition. It is my promise to continue working hard for this little figure of PT Solutions with the sun coming up behind them each day with renewed vigor. I am honored to continue to serve. Thanks to all of you for affording us 13 years.” – Dale Yake, CEO & Founder of PT Solutions

PT Solutions Daniel Pernell I am absolutely and totally grateful for PT Solutions. PTS has given me opportunities that I could never imagine. I was given the opportunity and support to open our Hiram location and develop our sports medicine outreach program in Georgia, and to grow our PTS family in Kentucky and Tenneesee. PT Solutions is the premiere practice for education and carrying the banner for the progression and evolution of physical therapy. I truly believe we work with the best therapists in our profession.” – Daniel Pernell, Senior Clinic Director & Physical Therapist in Georgia. Celebrating 12 years at PT Solutions.

Group Shot - PT Solutions“I first joined PT Solutions in March of 2009, working at our Douglasville, GA clinic. The clinic was growing – after the first week, I bought new shoes, needing a better option than my kitten heels that I could move in quickly and comfortably. At the time, we operated in 3 states, with only 4 clinics in the Atlanta area. I worked every other Saturday at our Acworth clinic, and remember thinking I was in over my head every time I walked through those doors. Our Administrative team consisted of 3 offices upstairs above the Acworth clinic, with a handful located in Montgomery, AL. For 7+ years, I have had the pleasure of working with numerous intelligent, talented, and caring team members. I am so grateful for the opportunity to learn and be challenged every day and continue to love being a part of the PT Solutions journey.” -Deanna Mayo, Clinic Administration Director in Illinois.Celebrating 7 years at PT Solutions.

“It’s been so cool to see the growth that our practice has enjoyed over my 7 years here. I think back to my initial days here going through mentorship program in Dale’s office (which was also the office for marketing, finance, business development, sales, athletic training, recruiting and operations). I contrast that with the Training Center in Kennesaw, GA now and all of the people involved to make us UNSTOPPABLE. I’m honored to have been a small part in the success of the practice thus far and excited to continue to push the boundaries of what we can accomplish together in the future.” – Matt Eastwood, Director of Clinical Operations in Illinois. Celebrating 7 years at PT Solutions.

PT Solutions Chris Ireland

“My favorite thing about PT Solutions? The opportunities. I started in 2009 with PT Solutions in the Florida panhandle as a new grad right out of school. I knew I wanted two things, to be mentored into being a skilled therapist, and to learn how to manage people and a my own clinic. As the company grew, I wasafforded an opportunity to move to Chicago as we expanded into the Midwest and then to ultimately end up back in the Southeast as a senior clinic director. These are the types of opportunities that PT Solutions has afforded me for which I am extremely grateful.” – Chris Ireland, Senior Clinic Director & Physical Therapist in Alabama. Celebrating 7 years at PT Solutions.

I started my time as a PT Solutions employee about 4 years ago in the Hiram Clinic. When I arrived I had ZERO interest in becoming an athletic training or a physical therapist. That changed rather quickly! After a short time of working with PTs Matt Graziano and Mike Hemby I fell in love with PT Solutions and the field of physical therapy. It is because of this practice, I am finally pursuing something that I truly want to do, physical therapy! When I started, the company was still pretty small. My goal then was to work in every clinic in the state of Georgia. I have reached 10 clinics over the last 4 years, which would have covered them all back in 2014, but I have instead watched the company grow significantly larger with a current 23 clinics in Georgia alone! PT Solutions has taught me the value of good customer service and patient care and it has certainly given me a few good laughs along the way! There is nothing better then watching Mike Hemby demonstrate proper squat mechanics and mid squat split his dress pants in front of 12 patients. It turns out KT tape doesn’t hold torn pants together! – Johnny Vite, Physical Therapy Aide, Event Specialist and aspiring AT/PT. Celebrating 4 years at PT Solutions.

PT Solutions Sports Medicine

“The Sports Medicine program has seen some of the biggest changes over the last several years. It is completely different from when we started and is growing in a positive direction. I remember on our 10th anniversary we had a staff meeting in the Acworth store and every current Georgia employee could fit in there. It is amazing to see the amount of growth in 3 short years. I am excited to see where we will be in another 3 years.” – Derek Sobczak, Certified Athletic Trainer for Allatoona Highschool. Celebrating 3 years at PT Solutions.

“I have worked for very large corporations who offered mounds of health/wellness benefits and packages. However, not one past employer has provided encouragement and motivation to actually use those benefits. The culture and atmosphere at PT Solutions is health-centric and has now motivated me as an employee to compete in my very first triathlon — something I never thought I would even attempt in the past. This practice is exciting and makes us all UNSTOPPABLE!” – Michael Carpanzano, Director of Sales, Illinois. Celebrating 2 years at PT Solutions.

“I love the people I work with at PT Solutions. Everyone here cares about how we treat our patients and how their role impacts that. Each person takes pride in their quality of work and takes a collaborative approach in that work. It’s incredible to work somewhere that you truly enjoy the people you are with day in and day out, even in a fast-paced work environment like this.” -Trista Land, Accounting Manager. Celebrating 2 years at PT Solutions.
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