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5 Ways To Keep Your Family Active After The Holidays


For many people, healthy eating and fitness routines take a break during the holiday season. Whether it is because of the cold weather, holiday travel plans, or the many temptations that come with special holiday treats, if you want to stay healthy this time of year, you will need to be sure to stay active.

Of course, these health concerns do not exclusively impact adults. The sweets and fatty treats of the holiday season are favorites across the family, and that means that when the weather gets cold it is time to find ways to get the whole family off the couch and on their feet. Here are five active ideas to try with the family:

Backyard Football
Get the family together for a game of backyard football. While football season may be coming to an end, it is just the right time to get the family together outside for a small pick-up game. Of course, you aren’t limited to football. Take out the soccer ball, or go out for a game of catch.

Explore natural preserves around your home on a family hike. This is the best time of year to check out local preserves, as the cooler weather often means fewer insects and reduced risk of sunburn. Get the whole family together and spend a day out in the countryside!

Dust off your skates for a day on the ice. This is one of the oldest family activities in the book. If you aren’t near an outdoor ice skating rink, consider going to an indoor rink where you can even rent a pair of skates.

Window Shopping
Load up the family and head to the center of town or check out the store displays at your local shopping center. This is a great way to walk around, enjoy each other’s company, and check out all the holiday decorations before they come down.

Sign up for a 5k
Set a family goal to train for and participate in a family fun run that benefits a great cause. Most 5k races allow strollers (and even pets!) so bundle up the whole family to run or walk in a local event. Extra points for wearing matching outfits or dressing to match the event’s theme!

There are plenty of ways to stay active this time of year, even if you aren’t going to make it to the gym. Get the whole family together and do your best to have fun and stay active. Spring will return before you know it!

Do you have any local favorites that you and your family can’t get enough of? Share below in the comments!

Be sure to visit our clinics for more information on how to stay active the right way.


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