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How DPT Students Can Stay Ahead During Pandemic Setbacks

April 8, 2020

DPT Students Tips Staying Ahead

These days, we are all experiencing a shift in our day to day routines. No matter your current situation, we all have one thing in common: extra free time If you’re like me, you have a million ideas on how to spend this extra time, some more lucrative than others. Organizing your home, participating in more self-care activities, and catching up on all the trendy shows are among some of the more appealing options however now is a great time to remain productive in our profession and ease any anxieties about your future goals. 

Here are 5 suggestions to leave you more prepared than before the pandemic began:  

  • Stand out: Take time to revamp your resume. The uncomfortable reality is there will soon be more individuals in the market for the positions you are seeking. Spice up your resume to tell a story of your interests, passions, and career goals. Include only the information pertinent to the job you are applying for – keep it concise, yet thorough.  
  • Increase your visibility: Update your LinkedIn profile to include a picture and information about your most recent clinical rotation. Recruiters love to get to know candidates prior to an interview – give them some good info to peruse! Use LinkedIn to follow your top choice workplaces (give them a follow on other platforms as well!) for up to date information on job postings, relevant news, and a look into company culture.  
    Bonus Points – Dig a little deeper to create a stronger network through these channels. PT specific groups, forums, volunteer organizations, continuing education opportunities are all at your fingertips.
  • Practice makes perfect:  Practice your interviewing skills with fellow classmates via video chat. Video is the new in-person interview for the next several weeks, and it can be difficult to show your personality on camera. Bonus points – Ask the tough questions to your “interview candidate” colleagues to throw them off track but also sharpen their skills.
  • Keep it fresh: As clinicians, we all have nightmares about a time we were totally stumped during a patient interaction. Conduct a literature review (or two) on specific patient populations you find interesting or challenging to stay as up to date as possible.  
  • Join us each week: If you are a student who has experienced a cancelled clinical rotation due to COVID-19, we invite you to join us to connect weekly for our PT Solutions Student Thursday calls. Our Student Thursday calls are weekly discussions (every Thursday from 1PM-2PM EST) built to enhance your student experience through clinical education & networking.Register for our call series here.

Still looking for more? PT Solutions hosts a Distance Mentor Program (named prior to the onset of social distancing  ) designed to connect students with a clinical mentor. As physical therapists, giving back is in our nature  this is our way to give back to the future of the profession! Translation: it’s free and does not require a commitment of any kind! Contact me at for more information. 



Mollie Archer DPT - PT Solutions Residency Admissions Officer
Mollie Archer, PT, DPT, OCS serves as the Residency Admissions Officer at PT Solutions Physical Therapy. She earned her BS in Human Nutrition, Foods, and Exercise at Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, her Doctor of Physical Therapy from Belmont University, and is a graduate of PT Solutions’ Orthopaedic Residency Program. Since her start at PT Solutions, she has slowly transitioned into a residency recruiting role, fueling her passion to stay connected to future therapists in the pursuit of clinical excellence. She is based out of Atlanta, GA and lives with her husband Tim and her American Bulldog, Izzy. Outside of work, Mollie can be found hiking the trails of North Georgia, playing with her 11 nieces and nephews, and enjoying a craft brewery or two!

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