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Gene Ross of Georgia Pitching Academy Visits the PT Solutions Physical Therapy Training Center


PT Solutions Physical Therapy is proudly partnered with the Georgia Pitching Academy. Last week, Gene Ross, former professional baseball player with the Minnesota Twins and the Pittsburgh Pirates, visited the PT Solutions training center to educate our therapists on healthy throwing mechanics. Gene is a multi-certified instructor and speaker on pitching and throwing injury prevention, functional fitness and more. He has over twenty years of experience as a high school, middle school and elite travel ball coach in both baseball and softball.


Gene lectured our therapists on how to promote healthy throwing mechanics in-clinic and how to make a powerful return to sport after injury or surgery. Additionally, Gene emphasized nutrition and the vital role it  plays  in the overall health of an athlete. The session included touring the Georgia Pitching Academy facilities. 

Innovation in education and training is at the heart of PT Solutions’ vision, and we’re very thankful that Gene could provide wonderful instruction for our therapists.