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High Praise for PT Solutions Physical Therapy at Florida Hospital North Pinellas


April 24, 2014
To Whom It May Concern:

This letter is in regards to the service I received at PT Solutions Physical Therapy at Florida Hospital North Pinellas from March 2014 to, and inclusive of, Thursday, April 24, 2014. During this time, I was being outsourced from the VA for rehabilitation of my right shoulder after shoulder reconstruct on January 30, 2014. I visited PT Solutions Physical Therapy at Florida Hospital North Pinellas for a total of, I believe, 18 visits. 

My therapist for the duration was Amy Brenner, PT, DPT. Absolutely nothing negative: no canceled appointments, no changing of appointments, no nothing of anything that may occur in a doctor’s office. To list the good that was done would leave me with time constraints in the missive. Always on time, always a pleasant attitude, forever smiling, not only with me, but with the other patients, too. The good doctor gave me homework to do in regards to that day’s session, which made for a pleasant next session. Amy never had a bad word to say to anybody when I observed her working. To say that my stay with PT Solutions Physical Therapy was more than pleasant is an understatement. To put things in the vernacular: Amy Brenner is a “a keeper.”

My interaction with the other employees was nothing but spectacular. They were all more than professional in their treatment of me. I can’t say enough about them. 

In conclusion, my treatment there at the center was well above par. Not a bad appointment, not one bad minute did I have at the hands of these professionals. Kudos to PT Solutions at Florida Hospital North Pinellas for their treatment of me!!!


Edward P.