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PT Solutions Helps Patient With Double Shoulder Surgery

March 29, 2017

double shoulder surgery

When a doctor tells someone that they will need shoulder surgery, most people have a less than optimistic outlook, and rightfully so. When Rick Pearson heard that he would need double shoulder replacement, he met it with positivity and willingness to work with his providers to get the job done –not the typical reaction you might expect.

For the past three years, shoulder pain was a constant in Rick’s day-to-day life. While growing up in South Georgia, Rick began his career in the workforce as a mechanic and then moved into driving commercial vehicles –often working upwards of 70 hours a week. Due to the strain of these two professions coupled with degenerative arthritis, Rick began experiencing intense pain in both of his shoulders during his late 40’s. At first, he took steroids to help ease the pain, but after a while, the pain steadily increased and was nearing Rick’s pain threshold. Knowing that something had to change, Rick went to his doctor for answers. Alarmed that there wasn’t any cartilage left in either shoulder, Rick’s physician immediately recommended phased double shoulder surgery at the end of last year. The left shoulder was the first shoulder to be replaced, and the procedure went well. After recuperating from the surgery, his surgeon recommended him to PT Solutions Harbin Clinic in Cartersville, Georgia.

With a positive attitude, Rick walked through the doors of the clinic at the beginning of January not sure what to expect; however, he was greeted warmly by the front desk assistants and began working with physical therapy assistant Stephanie Zimmerman and physical therapy aid Zack Engesser. Rick was immediately impressed with the quality of the facility, people, and the atmosphere of the clinic. Going to physical therapy is more or less thought of as a chore by some people, but not for Rick. He says it’s because of the outstanding care he receives and how smoothly PT Solutions operates during therapy sessions that he actually looks forward to coming into the clinic.

“I used to think physical therapy was just about someone twisting you back and forth and then sending you on your way. PT Solutions changed my perspective on physical therapy because the therapists will push you, but only to the point you are able to be pushed. The therapists all work together, and they have gotten to know me over the past three months. I actually look forward to coming into the Cartersville clinic because I have forged special friendships with the staff here,” Rick said.

Rick was told by his colleagues and friends that he wouldn’t be able do anything with his shoulder for at least six months. After working on his shoulder with Stephanie two to three times a week for three months, Rick’s range of motion increased from almost zero degrees to 160 degrees, exceeding his expectations. Stephanie provided Rick with clear instructions on how to continue his therapy at home between sessions, and that has helped as well. Now that Rick is able to take care of daily tasks such as shaving and brushing his teeth with his left arm, Rick will have to repeat this process with his right shoulder as per his doctor’s recommendations. Despite the frustration of going through surgery again, Rick is optimistic and is looking forward to the surgery.

“When you experience the ongoing pain like I have, you really look forward to the surgery because it means you’ll be on the way to recovery. Knowing how well the surgery went last time and how PT Solutions helped me makes me certain that I will have just as good a recovery this time around,” Rick highlighted.

Rick is now focusing on recovering from his second surgery and working with PT Solutions on his right shoulder. He has plans to get back to being able to play with his four grandchildren.

If you or a family member has a limited range of motion due to a shoulder surgery or injury, PT Solutions can help in your recovery. Call us at 1-844-REHAB04 or visit one of our clinics today.