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Patient Triumph

Patient Triumph: Laura Ready to Run Fifty Half Marathons

February 13, 2018

Laura Griffin Foglia loves to run!  It’s not about being the fastest (although hitting a new PR is always a thrill), it’s about setting a goal and accomplishing it.  After her first race in 2016, she set an ambitious goal to run a half marathon in all 50 states by the time she was 50.  At 35 years of age, this meant she needed to complete a race every three to four months.

While running her fourth half marathon in Buena Vista, CO in September of 2017, she noticed that her left knee didn’t feel quite right. The mountains felt extra challenging and the knee felt unstable when running downhill.  After she finished the race, there was pain and swelling around the knee that went beyond normal and was a cause for concern.

Back home in Asheville, NC, she immediately felt pain and heard a crunching sound every time she bent and extended her leg.  Not only had running become almost unbearable, but going up and down stairs was becoming problematic as well.  As a 35-year-old mom of two, losing mobility was not an option.  She became disappointed and worried that her injury would keep her from running in races, but also running after her young children.  Her goal now started to seem completely out of reach.

Asheville Runner Patient Success with Physical Therapy

Laura’s next step was to meet with Bob Corris at PT Solutions Physical Therapy in South Asheville.  After a thorough assessment, Corris devised a plan to allow Laura to continue training while minimizing pain and strengthening the muscles needed to hold the knee in place.  Bob was confident that with physical therapy to help strengthen her knee and a better understanding of proper training and joint health, Laura would run again. He assured her that she would be back running pain-free without having to remain sedentary and rest for hours at a time. Together they devised ways to help the knee remain stable throughout Laura’s busy lifestyle.

With the expertise and care at PT Solutions, Laura completed her first trail half marathon in Helen, GA. After the race she said, “The Helen Holiday Half was the most challenging half marathon I’ve ever run, with steep ascents, nature’s obstacles on the trail, and even a river crossing, but it was also the most fun.  I’m so thankful for Bob Corris and the excellent staff at PT solutions for getting me race ready!”

Is knee pain holding you back from reaching your running goals? With more than 170 clinic locations in 15 states, PT Solutions is one of the largest and fastest growing private physical therapy practices in the country. Request an appointment today!




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