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Patient Triumph: Brett Daniels Bounces Back After Cycling Accident

As a PTS Sports coach in Georgia, Brett Daniels knows what it takes to compete as a top-level athlete. He began his multisport career with a reverse sprint triathlon in Kuwait while deployed in support of Operation Desert Thunder. He’s now competed in well over 100 multisport races from sprint to Ironman, including the 2008 Ironman 70.3 World Championships. In September of 2015, Brett hit the road for a regular day of training for his seventh Ironman. While out on this training ride, Brett hit a pothole and crashed his bike, causing him to shatter his left clavicle and olecranon in his left elbow.

After surgery, the joint became stiff and caused a great deal of discomfort. That’s when Brett decided to turn to PT Solutions for physical therapy. For Brett, it was devastating to be injured because he had never dealt with an injury to this degree. Sitting on the sidelines and seeing all of his progress disappear caused Brett to feel discouraged, but he never gave up on his goal of racing again. With the help of his physical therapists at PT Solutions, Brett is now able to compete in multisport races, everyday tasks around his house, and play with his kids. Most recently, he participated in the PT Solutions Allatoona Triathlon.

Learn more about Brett’s road to recovery by watching his patient testimonial below!