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Sandy Knight overcomes post-surgery with help from PT Solutions

November 10, 2016

thumbnail_20161019_134613At PT Solutions, we often see patients who are working to heal and move on from surgery or other traumatic physical events. Because of this, we understand the responsibility that comes with being a part of this delicate and crucial stage of the recovery process. Palm HarborFlorida resident Sandy Knight recently shared with us how a post-surgery appointment with PT Solutions physical therapist Todd Minear helped prevent a potentially life-threatening complication from her rotator cuff surgery.

“I would like to thank everyone at PT Solutions for helping me with my physical therapy after my surgery on my torn rotator cuff. All the staff have been wonderful. From the office staff to the physical therapy staff I have always felt my needs were addressed and always in a positive, friendly and helpful way.

Most importantly I would like to thank Todd and the student intern, Courtney, for recognizing my medical situation on my second physical therapy appointment in May. My situation today could have been a lot different if Todd and Courtney had not been so observant. They were aware that on my second visit, one week after my surgery, I was not exhibiting normal pain and limitations with my right arm/shoulder that had recently undergone rotator cuff surgery. I remember Courtney’s concern for the pain and swelling in my arm. I also remember her conversing with Todd and Todd becoming very busy researching something.

I am so grateful that Todd approached me and frankly said that he though something was wrong with my arm and the way my pain was presenting. He strongly recommended I go to the emergency room. When I seemed perplexed by this, he indicated that he had never seen this before after rotator cuff surgery and said, “I don’t really care if the ER thinks I’m over reacting or if people in Palm Harbor think I am a nut. You should get yourself checked and go to the emergency room now.”

Todd’s reaction and assessment of my situation was spot on. I went to the ER and was admitted to the hospital that day with an infection, surface blood clot on my right arm and two blood clots (DVTs) in my lungs. I was hospitalized for 5 days and have since found out that the clots were from the surgery. Thank goodness Todd told me to go to the emergency room right away as I was able to get the proper, necessary medical treatment immediately.

I returned to PT Solutions after my hospitalization and my physical therapy is going well. My right arm and shoulder are getting stronger and I am almost back to full normal use. I thought it would be appropriate to say THANK YOU. I will certainly recommend PT Solutions as a physical therapy practice that has a staff that is knowledgeable and uses that knowledge to provide the BEST CARE and therapy for their clients.”


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