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Patient Triumph: Paul takes Steps after Stroke

May 22, 2020

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On April 17th, 2019, Paul had a stroke. “I was told that I could be bedridden and may not be able to walk, talk, or swallow normally again. I was paralyzed on my right side, had swallowing difficulty and had severe expressive and receptive Aphasia, as well as Apraxia of speech,” Paul said via a letter speech-language pathologist Andrea Berry helped him compose. Paul went to inpatient rehab for a few months, but soon moved to outpatient care.

He began his journey with PT Solutions at AdventHealth Kansas City, previously Shawnee Mission Medical Center. Paul’s team included physical therapists, McKayla Knudson, Casey Hurley, Jadyn Flores, and Ashley Gilstrap, occupational therapists, Esther Stafford and Katie Pascuzzi, and speech-language pathologist Andrea Berry in October 2019. He was immediately beloved by everyone in the clinic. “He comes in everyday and you can hear him coming down the hall because he has this big booming laugh. He’s so positive and sweet,” Ashley Gilstrap, Clinic Director of outpatient rehabilitation at AdventHealth Kansas City said.

“Since I started therapy at PT Solutions, I am now able to walk with a cane, do stairs with assistance, move my right hand and arm more, communicate verbally with single words and short phrases, effectively use my speech generating device to help communicate with others and take care of my daily needs more independently,” Paul said.

Recently, Paul conquered the stairs!  Check out this momentous moment for Paul and his therapy team below. “When he first took the stairs, I got choked up. He is such an awesome person with an amazing support system. Everyone wants to see Paul succeed,” Ashley said. Andrea added, “It’s so rewarding to see the progress and the positive impact therapy can have. Paul is probably the hardest working person I know.”

Paul graduated from physical therapy recently, but continues to be seen by his occupational and speech therapists. “I love the whole team at PT Solutions and have had an excellent experience. Everyone greets me and makes me feel welcomed. My physical therapists, occupational therapists, and speech therapist have really helped me on my journey to recovery. I can tell that they love what they do and truly care,” Paul said.



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