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Patient Triumph

PT helps hall of famer recover after motorcycle accident

August 31, 2022

Powerlifter Patient Story

In 2016, retired police officer and competitive powerlifter Mike Ferrantelli and his daughters were riding on the back of his and his wife’s motorcycles when they were sideswiped. The hitand runresulted in multiple injuries for Mike, including a spiral femur fracture, torn triceps, and multiple rib fractures. The daughter on the back of his bike had a crushed ankle. Luckily, his wife and second daughter only suffered from bumps and bruises. Mike was participating in weightlifting competitions up until the motorcycle accident. After the wreck, it was clear that he would have a long journey of rehabilitation therapy ahead of him. 

Prior to the motorcycle crash, Mike was training for the national championship and was up to benching 700 pounds, which was 56 pounds over the world record. Unfortunately, his injuries prevented him from competing in the national championship that year. 

When considering his options for physical therapy, choosing PT Solutions was an easy decision for Mike, who remembered the great post-stroke care his dad received at PT Solutions of Trinity from Stacey Ingram, PT, DPT.  

Mike regained his mobility in therapy, explaining that Dr. Stacey pushed him hard, but he loved every minute of it. “I treated it as my workout. We went to the clinic in Trinity, Florida. The level of care I got as a patient was amazing. I really felt like Dr. Stacey and everybody at PT Solutions wanted me to get healthy just as much I wanted to get healthy,” explains Mike.    

Through hard work and dedication to his physical therapy and training, Mike was eventually able to return to professional weightlifting in full force. In December 2019, PT Solutions sponsored him to compete at the World Benchpress Championship where he won the bronze medal for the United States. Soon after, he was inducted into the USA Powerlifting Hall of Fame. His achievements have not stopped him from continuing to compete. In May, PT Solutions sponsored him in the 2022 Drug-Free International Powerlifting Federation Masters World Bench Press Championship in Almaty, Kazakhstan, where he represented the United States.

Mike understands the importance of putting in the work and trusting your PT Solutions therapist. He has this advice for those who may be struggling to return to activities they once loved after an accident: Stick to the plan. Do not miss days. If you don’t follow their procedures, you’re not going to get as healthy as you could have if you followed them. There is a process, and you must follow the process.” 

Watch Mike’s testimonial here.


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