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Patient Triumph

PT Solutions Physical Therapy of Panama City Beach Praise

August 11, 2014

Dear PT Solutions,

I wanted to thank Jennifer and Aaron for the smiling faces and warm welcome that you have awarded me during my course of physical therapy. Both of you have made this time both pleasurable and enjoyable.

The shoulder surgery for the torn rotator cuff has really been a bear since February. At times, I have felt there was no hope for the rotation to return to my left shoulder. In April, I fell on the shoulder and was not sure what damage I had done. My doctor kept pushing physical therapy and saying that I should get some movement back with the therapy but was not hopeful for more than 75%. I was not that hopeful and very skeptical. Boy was I wrong! We have definitely gone past that percentage.

Over the course of the last several months, your encouragement and knowledge has brought the rotation back to the left shoulder. Now I can do things again like styling my hair, reaching for dishes in the cabinets and dressing myself without the help of my husband. The feeling of being independent again is wonderful.

I will encourage anyone that I meet that is in need of physical therapy to come back and check out your facility. Being around people like the two of you has made all the difference in my recovery during the last several months. Not only have you been great support but I feel like I have also made some great friends and hope to keep in touch with you both.

Again, thank you both.

Patricia R.