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PT Solutions Physical Therapy: Official Physical Therapy Provider of the LPGA Legends Tour

PT Solutions Physical Therapy is the official physical therapy provider of the LPGA Legends Tour.

via Legends Tour | Judson Golf

The Legends Tour, the “Official Senior Tour of the LPGA,” showcases the incredible talents of some of the greatest women golfers of all time. Known for their unquestionable skill, enthusiasm and lifetime dedication to golf, these trailblazers still create once-in-a-lifetime opportunities for golf fans of all ages. Tournament Host Rosie Jones has helped to bring these great players here to the Atlanta area and create a unique golfing experience for everyone.

The Judson Collegiate & Legends Pro-Am Challenge brings together the Legends of the LPGA and the top college players from around the country in an unprecedented mentoring and educational golfing opportunity for these young players. The Pro-Am portion of the event gives the college players the change to learn the business aspects of the professional game and then the competition day allows them to see the drive and focus that it takes to be a professional. The drive and focus that made these ladies Legends.
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The Legends Tour was brought to life by 27-time winner on the LPGA, Jane Blalock. Jane retired from the LPGA in 1986 and started JBC Golf Inc., a sports consulting company. She is Founding member and CEO of The Legends Tour. Jane’s goal for the tour:

“My goal for The Legends Tour is to offer women from the LPGA the same opportunities which are afforded our male counterparts from the PGA. Realistically, a schedule of 12 tournaments would allow The Legends of the LPGA to continue the competition and camaraderie, earn substantial income (so they don’t have to start over at an advanced age) and keep their names in the public eye. A successful LPGA Legends Tour would also supplement the current, less-than-lucrative retirement plan and broaden the appeal of the LPGA to a larger demographic and geographic audience.”


Tour Highlights:

The Legends Tour has over 120 members, including 12 World Golf and LPGA Hall of Fame members.
Legends Tour players have compiled over 675 LPGA victories, including 70 major championships.
The Legends Tour is in its 14th season and players have competed for over $11,000,000 in prize money.
Over $13,000,000 has been awarded to charity through The Legends Tour events.
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