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PT Solutions to Release Duathlon Duties to Georgia MultiSports

KENNESAW, GA – After 4 years of producing and sponsoring the Cartersville Duathlon, PT Solutions Physical Therapy has given production responsibilities over to Georgia MultiSport Productions (GMSP). In transferring race production to Georgia MultiSports, PT Solutions will shift focus to its two flagship events, the Cupid Chase 5K and Allatoona Sprint Triathlon, both of which have seen tremendous growth over the past several of years.

Georgia MultiSports has played a vital role in the success and overall positive participant race-day experience since the inaugural Cartersville Duathlon in 2009. PT Solutions is confident that the same level of quality displayed in years past will be displayed this year as well.

The Cartersville Duathlon will still take place on April 19, 2015 but under a new name, Kick Start Duathlon. If you have any questions in regards to the Kick Start Duathlon, please email Georgia Multisports owner, Jim Rainey at We thank race participants and event volunteers for the past four years of support and we wish everyone a successful 2015 racing season.