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5860 State Road 100 E
Suite 100
Palm Coast, Florida 32164


Phone | 386.597.1903

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Nestled amongst golf resorts, marshland, and nature preserves, Palm Coast is off of the scenic A1A River. It’s not far from Daytona and Jacksonville, and serves as the largest city in Flagler County.

We are proud to partner with surrounding Flagler schools and their athletic trainers: Palm Coast High School, Matanzas High School.

This location offers a variety of physical therapy services for our patients—from stroke rehabilitation to occupational therapy. We look forward to serving you in our Palm Coast office!

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I trust them with all my rehab needs. I don’t hesitate calling them when I have an issue or any of my friends are in need of their services.


Physical therapy has been an integral part of my life, keeping me healthy while playing on the PGA Tour and the Champions Tour. These guys have helped me stay competitive for the past 15 years, enabling me to live my dream.

Physical Therapy Services In Palm Coast FL

Physical therapy is an evidence-based service rendered to restore mobility, improve functional independence, and educate patients to manage their conditions. Our goal is for our patients to achieve long-term success and be in control of their health. PT Solutions provides up-to-date knowledge and treatment to improve pain, stiffness, range of motion, strength, endurance, flexibility, balance, sport-specific activity, and much more.

Stroke Rehabilitation

Patients that suffer from neurological challenges after a stroke require specific rehabilitation to get them back to a full functioning lifestyle. Our treatment plans guide them through the physical, emotional, and psychological aspects of life after a stroke.

Astym® Therapy

We are proud to have Astym®-certified therapists who help patients regenerate soft tissue, like muscles and tendons. This is a helpful treatment when someone wants to reduce excessive scar tissue that is causing pain or restricting motion. Athletes also benefit from Astym therapy to improve tendinopathies, tissue problems, or other soft tissue issues.

Performance Enhancement

Every athlete wants to be faster and stronger. That’s why we provide endurance programs to help them reach their athletic goals. A specialist will create a personalized workout plan targeted for reaching the athlete’s goals. Athletes will also be trained on how to reduce the likelihood for injury.

Occupational Therapy

Meaningful everyday activities, or occupations, are usually taken for granted. Occupational therapy (OT) is an evidence-based practice that supports patients who have challenges when it comes to performing these tasks. A patient working through OT will feel stronger, more in control of their life, and confident.

Vestibular Care

Vestibular therapy specifically helps with patients who suffer from inner ear disorders, like vertigo. A disconnect between the inner ear and eyes causes patients to feel dizzy and off balance. Vestibular therapy starts with a complete evaluation, and results in a care plan specific to a patient’s diagnosis. The goal is to help patients redeem balance and decrease dizziness.