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7229 S Kingery Hwy
Willowbrook, IL 60527

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About our Physical Therapy Clinic in Willowbrook

At PT Solutions Willowbrook, we believe that your experience with us is just as important as the expert physical therapy treatments we provide. Our friendly and welcoming team of professionals will greet you with smiles and make sure that our clinic is always full of positive energy. Our clinicians are experienced in treating a wide range of conditions and work with patients of all ages. Our location in Willowbrook, IL provides easy access to physical therapy for everyone in the surrounding communities.

Willowbrook Physical Therapy

Experience an innovative approach to physical therapy when you visit PT Solutions in Willowbrook. PT Solutions offers quality, comprehensive care and support for people of all ages who need a trusted physical therapist. Willowbrook Physical Therapy at PT Solutions includes effective treatments by trained and licensed physical therapists who live in your community. Each PT Solutions location is owned and operated by physical therapists who understand the importance of this type of hands-on and engaging care. Our Willowbrook physical therapists treat a wide variety of injuries, health conditions, and disabilities that may cause you pain and impact your mobility. When you walk through the doors at PT Solutions, you will experience quality customer service and a family-friendly environment. Our physical therapists encourage you every step of the way to help you recover, prevent future injuries or issues, and positively impact your overall quality of life.

Physical Therapy for All Ages

When many people hear of physical therapy, they think about their friend who needed PT to recover from a sports injury or an elderly relative who needed PT for a recent fall. While physical therapists certainly help athletes and older adults, they can also work with patients of all ages. At PT Solutions of Willowbrook, we also offer pediatric therapy for children of all ages. From toddlers to teens, we understand the importance of quality treatment and care for everything from broken bones to developmental delays. Our physical therapists offer family-centered approaches, and we work with your child’s pediatrician to ensure everyone is on the same page. Physical therapy can help your child improve their balance and coordination as they develop fine motor skills. Children enjoy taking a more active role in their physical therapy visits and celebrating improvements and milestones along the way.

You can visit a physical therapist for standalone treatment, or your doctor may recommend physical therapy as part of a more comprehensive treatment plan. No matter your age and reason for seeing a physical therapist, Willowbrook physical therapy at PT Solutions will provide you with an appropriate treatment plan for your age and specific set of symptoms. We treat each of our patients as individuals and recognize that no two injuries or health conditions are exactly alike. That means what works for one patient may not work for the other, so we use creative approaches to ensure you get the care you need.

Surgery Rehabilitation at PT Solutions

Physical therapy can help you effectively prepare for surgery and rehabilitate afterward. You might be surprised to learn the vast benefits of physical therapy before surgery. In fact, physical therapy in Willowbrook can help you gain strength and stamina before undergoing a serious procedure. Strengthening your muscles and working on your mobility before surgery can help you get into the motions easier when you start to recover afterward. A physical therapist will work with you to train your body in healthy and effective movements so you can engage muscle memory to help with continued physical therapy after surgery. Working with a Willowbrook physical therapist before surgery can also help improve your chances for a successful outcome and shorten your recovery process.

Visit your Willowbrook physical therapy clinic after surgery to experience many benefits, like healing faster and improving your mobility. Surgery may require you to restrict certain movements or keep you immobilized in such a way that your muscles become weakened and you experience pain afterward. Physical therapy can help you strengthen those weakened muscles through stretches, exercises, and soft tissue mobilization. Physical therapy is also a great way to manage your pain and discomfort after surgery without resorting to risky prescription medications. Instead, a physical therapist can help you manage your pain levels while also helping to improve your overall range of motion. In many cases, you can begin physical therapy immediately after surgery. Your specific treatment plan will depend on your symptoms, type of surgery, and needs for an effective recovery. You may begin with simple stretches and exercises to help initiate movement and flexibility before moving on to more rigorous activities as you recover.

PT Solutions for Injury Recovery

Physical therapy helps you return to the activities you enjoy after an injury that may have sidelined you for a bit. Whether you suffered an injury while playing sports or during a car accident, a physical therapist can help. At PT Solutions, our Willowbrook physical therapy approach involves helping you improve your strength, mobility, and confidence as you recover. Our physical therapists encourage you to take an active role in your recovery through stretches, exercises, and techniques with specialized equipment and training. Rehabilitation after an injury may or may not require surgical intervention. In many cases, you can engage in physical therapy to help reduce the need for surgery and improve without relying on more invasive measures.

Your physical therapist at PT Solutions will help you identify your body’s limitations after an injury to determine how to proceed. A muscle strain injury like whiplash may involve a different approach than a head injury after a slip and fall. An injury that causes stiff joints and tight muscles may need stretching and exercising to help you regain your strength and flexibility. An injury that causes scar tissue to develop will require active treatment approaches like regular stretching to help reduce the formation of scarring that may impact your healthy functioning. You may feel weak or hesitant to return to certain activities after an injury. A physical therapist can walk you through how to improve your movements and techniques so you have more confidence in the activities you enjoy while reducing your risk for future injury.

Physical Therapy at PT Solutions

Visit PT Solutions in Willowbrook, IL, for core services in physical therapy, pediatric therapy, occupational therapy, and speech therapy. We also offer specialty services that include dry needling, neurological rehab, vestibular rehab, and running analysis for athletes of all levels. PT Solutions of Willowbrook is located off Kingery Highway just north of the Target shopping center.

So blessed to have been referred to PT Solutions of Willowbrook. They helped me overcome a foot injury after almost a year of struggling. Everyone that works there is an absolute delight and you can feel the positive energy as soon as you step in the door. Due to my varying schedule, which they accommodated VERY well, I worked with a lot of different PTs. But most of my time was spent with Tim and Kelly, they are both wonderful. Thank you for literally giving me my life back!

Annette A. - Willowbrook, IL