Congratulations are in Order: APTA Clinical Specialist Board Certifications

PT Solutions is excited to announce that several of our physical therapists recently conquered their APTA Clinical Specialist Board Certifications! The certification process is a way to formally recognize advanced clinical knowledge amongst physical therapists. Patients benefit from a physical therapist’s certification, because the PT possesses knowledge on a specialized area of practice–many times, the specialized area of practice requires finesse and distinguished skill for treatment purposes.


Patricia Creel, physical therapist at PT Solutions of Emory Adventist, earned her certification in Geriatrics. The Emory-Adventist Clinic now has three specialists: a Geriatric Specialist, a Neuro Specialist, and a Orthopedic Specialist.


Paul Muchnick, physical therapist at PT Solutions of Marietta, Luis Hernandez, Clinical Director at Emory-Adventist, Matthew Graziano, Director of Rehab at Gordon Hospital, and Matt Eastwood, PT Solutions’ Illinois Area Manager, all passed their Orthapaedic examination.

Congratulations, everyone!