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Referring Providers

PT Solutions Makes Referrals a Snap

Successful referrals can reflect well on your practice and drastically boost your revenue. Refer with confidence and seamlessly transition patients from your office to ours! PT Solutions gives patients convenient locations and appointment times, timely scheduling, and a wide range of evidence-based rehabilitation care.


Our Referral Partnership Structure

Communication and collaboration are top priorities at PT Solutions throughout all stages of care planning. We work with you to break down barriers and ensure your staff and patients enjoy a smooth referral process.

Why Patients Love PT Solutions

  • World-Class Patient Satisfaction Rate Above 98%
  • Accessible, Modern, Inviting Clinic Design
  • Supportive and Energetic Clinic Environment
  • Anticipate a Patient’s Needs Before Their Visit
  • Secure Messaging that Protects Patient Privacy


How We Support Your Practice

When you refer patients to us, we return the favor! We send outbound referrals to local providers, your practice included. When you partner with PT Solutions, you join a vast network of providers that support each other to form a strong community.